Friday, May 7, 2010

Just a quote for Friday

(not my photo, I found it here)

Behold the turtle;
he makes progress only
when he sticks his neck out.
~ author unknown ~

Why the turtle?


scrappyjacky said...

Love this one,Deb.

Sian said...

Hehe! This is a brilliant one and a cleverly found photo.

You were right in your guess on my blog (think you might be the only one who got it right!). Horsey is simply one of our old toys who ended up on my blog one day and discovered that he liked it. Now, if I could get him a tv deal, that really would be something..

humel said...

lol! The perfect illustrative pic :-)

melissa kaye said...

Adorable photo and a great quote to go along with it. ;)

Happy Friday, Deb! Have a spectacular afternoon & weekend, doll.


Carrie Rosalind said...

Yay! I like this one so much more than your other one. Cute pic, too. :) LYLSYB.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome picture. That would make a perfect card!
p.s. I fed your turtles, as they looked hungry.

Lizzie said...

There used to be a lovely pair of Giant Tortoise at Bristol Zoo. I saw them when I was a teen, with my grandparents, but last time we went, there was only one left... and they don't let the kids ride him any more!!
They now have a reptile house, with tortoise, terrapins and turtles. I do like them - especially those little red-eared terrapins (I know they can be a bit fierce & bite, but they're so cute!).
When we lived in Reading, there was a place nearby called Beale Park. The lake there had a family of red-eared terrapins living in it. We used to see them if we threw food for the water birds.
Turtles/tortoise are cool! My Uncle & Auntie have an ancient tortoise who lives in their greenhouse (in warm weather anyway).

Margaret said...

May we all be turtles. And may beware of guillotines.

helena said...

so true - have spent the last 2 weeks dealing with some very risk averse colleagues so very atuned to such ideas.

traci said...

have a wonderful weekend deb. just fed the turtles. that is hilarious.

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