Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our day trip in search of desert wildflowers

Weekends aren't what they used to be! With me teaching yoga on Saturday mornings, and Doug using his weekends to squeeze in home projects and time in nature when he can, we've been a bit limited when it comes to picking up and hitting the road.
The office where I work was closed for Good Friday, and since Doug has the best boss ever {himself} he took the day off too. We loaded up the truck with snacks and drinks and Lucky the dog and headed out early Friday morning in search of this spring's desert wildflowers.

For my local readers who know the state of Arizona, you'll know where we traveled, and for others who are interested you can view a map of our state and find these points of interest. We traveled through Payson, up past Kohl's Ranch, to Young, and then home through Globe, Arizona.

Ah! Nature makes us so happy!

There's me, blending in with the trees. :o)

When we got to Young we headed out to the airstrip. Doug and Lucky hiked to a water hole to look for deer tracks, and I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed some mandala time. ♥

As planned, we were in Young around mid-day and had a yummy lunch at Antlers - our old stomping grounds.

Mmmmmm.... Heartburn for days but SO yummy at the time! :o)

From Young we drove to Globe, enjoying the views of Roosevelt Lake and finally seeing a few wildflowers. I think we may have been a little late this year because there weren't a ton of flowers to be seen and/or photographed. The drive was beautiful, nonetheless.

We arrived back home at 5:00 p.m., tired and happy.
As for the slim number of wildflowers?
None of us minded one little bit.


Beverly said...

looks like a perfect way to spend the day off. I know your souls were happy. I am headed to Texas next week and am hoping to see the bluebonnets and wildflowers in bloom :)

Patio Postcards said...

I like you blending in with the trees. What a pretty drive, thanks for taking us along. I like learning about different regions & their floral & fauna - the map was helpful.

Karen said...

We were in the desert outside San Diego in 1998 for one of the most gorgeous displays of wildflowers I've seen. I had no idea at the time how colorful the desert could be. Looks like a great way to spend a day off.

Audrey said...

Sounds so fun, Deb!!! Lucky sure does look happy!!!

debs14 said...

What fab photos, it seems weird to think you were too late to see the flowers, over here the greenery is just starting to arrive. How wonderful to see those clear blue skies!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful drive even without the wildflowers. Hope you manage to get a few more days for drives what with the yoga and Doug's chores. Love the picture of that solitary cactus.

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