Monday, April 4, 2016

First weekend in April

Good day, blog friends!
Come on in! Let's have one of my fast growing sunflowers welcome you to another weekend recap...

Saturday afternoon I led my sixth yoga/mandala workshop. I love these workshops so much! Having the chance to meet new yogis with creative spirits, sharing my love of yoga and mandalas ~ ah! It feeds my soul in the sweetest way.

My teaching space... Love the pretty floors at Aloha Yoga & Hula!

I came home after my workshop and sat outside, soaking up the beautiful spring weather and enjoying the sights in our backyard space.

Doug's lawn is progressing. He says he can't wait to be able to mow the grass. We'll see what tune he's singing come July when it's hot as blue blazes out here.
Turtle update: Casper's eye is fairly well healed! We are so relieved that she is better, and so relieved to not have to give her injections anymore! She'll soon be moving back outside to her habitat with Rex.
Our new lemon tree has dropped almost all of its beautiful blossoms and now we have baby lemons. The tree guys told us to prune the amount of fruit on the tree because the weight of all those lemons can't be supported by the size of the tree for the first few years. We're not sure when we should do that...need to research...

Sunday included a flurry of activity for me - catching up on things around the house and spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen. I'll just leave this photo here as my end cap:

Grandma's carrot cake recipe, tweaked a little bit by me. Oh. My. Yum!

And now a new week to tackle! Our niece is getting married this coming weekend so that's on the horizon. It's Monday morning and I already can't wait till the weekend. {Hm, we've heard that before, haven't we...}

Wishing you a week filled with blessings!


Patio Postcards said...

Oh that's for Grandma's carrot cake recipe - carrot is one of my most favourites & it is a weakness with me. Yeah for Casper not needing any more shots. A wedding is such an exciting time, especially for guests :) Happy week ahead.

That is such a pretty yoga floor.

Karen said...

Yum, to those cupcakes! I don't think I've ever seen "baby" lemons before. I so wish I could have a lemon tree!

Beverly said...

Adore that floor!! I've never seen baby lemons before and would have never guessed that's what they were.

Sian said...

Lemon trees and sunflowers? Could definitely do with some of those round here!

Enjoy your week looking forward to the wedding

scrappyjacky said...

Love how your yard is developing.

Sophie said...

Thank you for warm yoga atmosphere :) wonderful mandalas!

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