Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap

Good day, blog friends.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. Ours was full and wonderful. I had Friday off work so Doug and I hit the road for a drive to see desert wildflowers for the day. Ah! I loved Friday!!! I'll share our day trip photos with you later this week, and today I have a few shots from Saturday and Sunday.

My photos are a bit out of order, but I wanted to lead with the photo of the deviled eggs I made yesterday. This was our only hint of Easter for the day, otherwise it felt like an ordinary Sunday for us. Doug took care of some yard work early in the day and then headed out for a game of golf. I spent the day doing things around the house and a good deal of time was spent in the kitchen.

These eggs were super simple to make. I used 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar, a few drops of food coloring and about a cup of cold water. I soaked the egg whites in the dye solution while I mixed the filling, and then gently patted them dry with a paper towel before piping in the yellow.

Back to Saturday - what a fun and full day that was! I met a friend for coffee before teaching restorative yoga. What a nice little catch-up we had! Once in the studio, I was so happy when I looked out into the lobby and saw one of my [corporate] co-workers there. It was the first time my two work-worlds collided and I'll admit to feeling a little bit nervous as she settled into my classroom. As usual though, as soon as I started teaching all that faded away and I hit my stride. It felt a little strange to be in my yoga zone in front of someone who knows me professionally, but in the end we both loved it.

After yoga on Saturday morning I treated myself to a pedicure, lunch and shopping. I'm going to Mexico in a few weeks on a yoga retreat and needed some beach-y things to wear. I found a cute swim suit cover-up and had a cool conversation with the sales clerk about art and mandalas. :o)

My cousin and his family were in town this past weekend, and we had the opportunity to meet them for an early dinner on Saturday. I loved having the chance to catch up with them! It's been years since we were together.

And then! After dinner Doug and I came home and played several games of pool. We are loving having a pool table again...even though Doug's pool table skills are way better than mine. So far. ;o)

Yesterday I printed some photos to send with my grandma's weekly letter. I'm loving my new photo printer now that I have figured out how to work the thing. There was some frustration the weekend before and maybe a ballpoint pen chucked across my desk before things clicked.

Oooh and I finished our niece's wedding guest book. I love how it came together and I'll have photos of that in a few weeks once she's had a chance to see it herself.

We've been nursing our sweet little Casper turtle and her hurt eye. I took her to the turtle vet last week and she has an infected third eyelid. She came out of hibernation that way and now she's living inside in a clean aquarium tank until she's fully healed. We've been taking her outside here and there for some sunshine and exercise. Anyway, the treatment is two different eye drops, three times a day, and an injection every other day for two weeks. Yes. Doug and I are giving a turtle a shot. We've done two so far and are awkward at best, but our hearts are in it and hopefully turtles have short memories. Poor little thing...

And with that I'm off and running to tackle a full week ahead. I'm teaching yoga three times this week, and also preparing for my next mandala workshop this coming Saturday.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead!
I'll see you later this week with some wildflower road trip pics.


Dodgergirl84 said...

So AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your day! I love the turtle dudes! Have a great week Deb! Wish we had had more time to spend with you! I am going to look into some yoga for my back thanks to you!!! Love you and miss you all!

Beverly said...

While your eggs are beautiful I fear I wouldn't be able to eat them or maybe I could since I just lick the filling out then throw away the whites :::gasp::: So glad there is a cure for Casper's eye issue, you and Doug are excellent caregivers. I have no doubt you'll give him a run for his money at pool very soon ;)

Patio Postcards said...

Those deviled eggs are SO pretty & your arrangement makes them a sort of mandala of eggs. Busy weekend, busy times ahead, but a yoga retreat somewhere pretty & warm (the warm comment is for me who is so COLD ... so drifting off topic). I am glad that Casper's eye can be addressed with treatment at home. We had a diabetic cat that required insulin via a needle twice a day - it is amazing what we can learn to do for our beloveds. Happy week ahead.

Barbara Eads said...

Wow! What a fun and productive weekend you had! Can't wait to see what you got for your trip to Mexico!

debs14 said...

Isn't it odd when two worlds collide? I'm sure you soon forgot that your work colleague was there!
Good news on Casper's eye - what a relief it is responding to all that TLC you're giving. Hope to see him out in Turtleland again very soon.
Those eggs are so pretty, I've never tried colouring eggs, but yours make me want to give it a go!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.Hope Casper's eye soon clears up.

alexa said...

I have never seen eggs this colour - wow! And you seem to be happy and busy and full of oomph again. So good to read!

Anonymous said...

The eggs look so great! I must remember this for next year. Oh poor turtle, I hope all is well now , that must be rather difficult giving a turtle a needle and eye drops. Sounds like lots going on in your life.

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