Monday, March 21, 2016

This weekend in the land of yoga and turtles

Hey there, blog friends!
Today is a special kind of Monday. It's the kind of Monday that begins a short work week. (I Good Friday!) And it's the kind of Monday where we get delivery of our new couch and also a pool table. (Woohoo!!!) And! It's the kind of Monday at the beginning of spring when we're breathing sighs of relief for two turtles that survived another winter hibernation. (Thank Heaven!). :o)!!!

I planted some sunflower seeds in the far corner of our backyard and they are rising to the occasion of spring. I want to plant a few more seeds to fill in the gaps because only a few are thriving. My hollyhock seeds didn't take well so I might try a few more of those as well.

I had yoga teacher training all weekend and there was more lecture than movement this time around. Really great stuff, though instead of sore muscles this morning I have an achy back. Ah, but that's nothing that some time on my mat after this blog post is written won't cure.

After teacher training yesterday afternoon, I did a little grocery shopping and came home to find Doug sitting out at our patio table. I joined him for a snack and a cold beer. Yes, yogis drink beer on warm Arizona afternoons. (Ok, and other times too...but especially on warm Arizona afternoons...)
See those sprinklers beyond the far edge of the table? There's green grass sprouting like crazy under them. It won't be long now until there's a lush lawn for Lucky to roll around on. Yay!

Perhaps our best news of the weekend is that both turtles welcomed the first day of spring with a stroll in the afternoon sunshine - such a relief for us fretting turtle parents! Rexy is still moving slowly, and Casper has a problem with her right eye. She'll be making a trip to the reptile vet this week to have it checked, but other than that all's well in turtle land. :o)

When we moved into our new house at the end of September last year we knew we wanted a larger couch for our living room. And we Doug removed a wall in the main living area to accommodate a future pool table. We are so excited that both of those items will be added to our home space today. Gosh, we're giving up lots of floor space today! It will take some getting used to for sure, but we're up for the challenge. I can't wait to come home from work tonight and play a game of pool with Doug, then plop myself down on our new couch for the season premier of "Dancing with the Stars."

Ooooh this is going to be a great Monday!
Hey - it already is!
Have a great week my friends.


debs14 said...

So happy to see that dynamic duo of turtles back in the sunshine!
Sounds like you have a fun evening ahead with all the new furniture, it's really becoming your home now.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

So good to see your turtles out of hibernation. I remember the feeling of relief very well (with our tortoise) from my childhood.

Patio Postcards said...

Yeah for turtles out & about, boo for Casper having a sore eye, I do hope it turns out to be just from winter snoozing. I hope that some time on your mat did relax your back & sore muscles - I think I would have opted for a snooze to be part of that remedy (col). Yeah to new furniture - we do need photos!

Connie said...

I adore this post! Everything about it - turtles (check!) new furniture and POOL TABLE arriving (check!) sunflowers and lush green grass popping up (check!) beers and pupus in the back yard (check!) Yes, it is a good Monday! Love you.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a wonderfully upbeat post!
Been out of blog circulation for a while, so it's nice to come back and see you're doing so well.
I might take an aerial yoga class tomorrow - pretty psyched about it.

Sian said...

Enjoy your new arrivals! It's good to hear that the turtles are up and about and as ready for Spring as the rest of us :)

alexa said...

So cheering to see all the signs of life and change and growth in your home! Wishing you a happy week in all that sun ...

Beverly said...

Yay for both being out and about! I hope you and Doug have gotten a few games in. I don't watch DWTS but heard I really should this season. Having a deaf sister, another deaf sister called after the show and said Nyle DiMarco is unbelievable. Happy Easter, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see them out and about. Always nice getting new stuff for the house isn't it?

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