Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marti's Birthday ~ Team Teal Tuesday

I was trying to decide on a photo for today's post and I texted this one to Carrie. I had another one in mind, but she thought I should use this one because, "Grandma was so happy that morning." And that decided it. We had celebrated Mom's 70th birthday at a party the night before, but on this morning, we met for breakfast before heading back to Arizona. This was taken on Mom's birthday, two years ago today.

Things I miss the most about my mom:
I miss the way my mom underlined words on greeting cards to emphasize their meaning. She never chose a card without the words saying exactly what she wanted them to say, and then she’d underline the words that meant the most to her. And many times she’d add exclamation marks on them too. !!! And always "xoxox" at the end.
I miss the way she called me her “May-bee” in my birthday card every year.
I miss being able to call her when I have cooking questions. Which is kind of silly because at this point in my life I kind of have the cooking gig down pat - plus there's Google - but it was nice to know I could call her if I needed to.
I miss making stuff for her! My mom was the biggest fan ever when it came to things handmade by me. I really miss having her around to create for.
I miss being able to mail stuff to my mom – cards, letters, her birthday or Mother’s Day package. I miss the phone call when she received it, telling me how much she loved what I had sent.
I miss the way I’d say, “Hi MomMEE” when she answered the phone, and the way she’d respond with “Hi DebBEE” every time I called. Doug says the tone of my voice would change when I talked to my mom on the phone.
I miss her telling me every detail about the conversation she had with the person sitting next to her on the plane once we’d retrieved her from the airport. No wait, I don’t really miss that part – but I do miss picking her up at the airport! ;o)
I miss taking her to her favorite Mexican restaurant every time she came to Arizona. {We're going there for dinner tonight.}
I miss free Avon products like my favorite eye-liner and Carrie's mascara.
I miss her calling to tell me the latest gossip from our hometown. She’d always start with, “Do you remember so-and-so?” and I'd say, “No, Mom, I don’t” and she’d say, “Oh, don’t you remember? She had the brother that was Tim’s age? They lived in that house at the end of the road where the Smith’s lived…” and I’d say, “No, Mom, I don’t remember,” and she’d say, “Well…” and tell me the gossip anyway.
I miss her feeling sorry for me when I’m sick, and having her tell me to gargle with salt water when I have a sore throat. I always said, “I know, Mom, I will…” and I never rarely did.
I miss my mom’s comments on my blog posts. So many times she’d leave these sweet and sappy comments and I’d cringe a little with embarrassment. Oh, mother… And now, sometimes, I go back and read old blog posts just so I can read my mom’s sweet comment. I miss having my mom read my blog.
I miss her quick wit, her honest opinions, her animated facial expressions, and her pumpkin bread at Christmas. Oh, this list could go on and on and on...
Today I thank Heaven for the path we walked together in this lifetime.
Happy heavenly birthday, Mom!
I love you and miss you so much!!!
"Be still, close your eyes and breathe.
Listen for my footfall in your heart.
I am not gone but merely walk within you."
~ "The Two of Us," Sheila Hancock


Sian said...

I think that's one of the nicest photos you have ever posted :)

the one which really made me catch my breath was thinking about your Mom commenting on your blog and those comments still being there...

Thinking about you and Carrie today x

Cheri said...

I can feel the longing in this post. I know it only too well. Wishing you a beautiful day filled with happy memories.

Susi said...

Lovely photo of you Mom. Lovely post on her Birthday.

furrypig said...

beautiful photo
beautiful words
shedding a couple of tears yet feeling so much love in that post

sending hugs xxx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a lovely photo of your Mom. A beautiful post, in which I can feel how much you miss her. Shedding a tear here too. Although I can't identify with this yet, I know the day will come when I can. Sending you love xx

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

So beautiful Deb! thinking of you, and sending love and prayers your way. xoxo

scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely,lovely post,Deb....and I remember all your mom's comments as well.
I miss making things for my mum and MIL too....they both loved them so much....whatever it was!
Sending you hugs today.

Jo said...

This really is such a lovely post with a beautiful photo x

Patty B said...

I know how you feel. I'd call my Mom and she'd talk me home everyday. (It worried her so much she bought me a bluetooth one year for Christmas!) I never put much stock in those calls until she was gone...out of the six of us, I knew a lot of things regarding the ranch, her house, etc. all gleened from those calls...I still feel the pull to dial when I get in my car to go home.

debs14 said...

A lovely, lovely post. It's funny the little things we miss isn't it? The little private jokes you shared and the little pet names. So much love, no wonder you miss her so much. Enjoy your meal tonight and raise a glass to her x

Audrey said...

Oh Deb, so much love and sweetness. It gave me chills and brought me to tears. I hope you KNOW you'll be in my thoughts today, Deb. Love & kisses to you, my friend!!! XOXO

PS ~ I do the exact same thing with my greeting cards ~ I smiled so big when I read that part!
PPS ~ I actually started reading your blog while your Mom commented and I adored them.

Karen said...

What a beautiful post! What I miss most about my mom is not having known her as an adult. She died so long ago, that my memory of her is very faded.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh Deb,
I just slipped on my team teal bracelet. To wear today and think of you. This post made me all teary. I miss my parents so much, too. They were both born in May, and it makes it a hard month for me in some ways.
Hugs to you,

Ruth said...

I'm sending you a cyber hug. I think you pitched this post exactly right and I'm grateful that I was able to know Marti through you and Carrie.
I'm also happy that you liked Sheila Hancock's words enough to use them with this post. xxx

Annes kleine Nähstube said...

My English isn't really good. Ican read a lot, but forgive my mistakes.
Ich love your writing so much. It toucht me so deeply.
In my thoughts i'll give you a hug.
Anne from Hamburg Germany

Becky said...

Such a lovely post which brought a tear to my eye. Sending you hugs xx

Heather said...

Hi Deb. I havent been in blog land for such a long time but im glad I decided to follow your Facebook link just now. I too have a tear in my eye after reading this post! Such lovely words for your lovely Mom xx

Abi said...

Just beautiful Deb. The photo, the words, your heart.

It made me smile to hear you say you phoned your mum about cooking tips. I do exactly the same and like you said, it's much nicer than google!

Thinking of you and your family today. xxx

Haddock said...

A lovely post on mom's birthday. I like that small cake.

Karen said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful post and beautiful memories x

Alison said...

Lovely post, Deb....you have so many lovely memories!....hugs being sent your way
Alison xx

Amy said...

I have comments on my blog from your Mum - she was such a lovely lady Deb and I loved that she felt she was able to visit some of us who got to know her a little, through you.

I'm late to this post - in fact it is your birthday now - many happy returns to you my lovely friend. I hope you have a wonderful day :) I have been thinking of you all day and hoping that your day is filled with sunshine and laughter.

Gail said...

Oh Deb, your post has me in tears. What you said was so lovely. I know how you feel especially this week - Monday was my Mother's birthday and I miss her so much all these years later. Hugs.

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