Thursday, June 6, 2013

25 Things I Love About Carrie

Today my sweet little baby girl is 25 years old.

{Carrie, 2 years old, me 29}

I can still remember her tiny little baby body, how she felt in my arms and the way her skin smelled. I remember that she never cried at night, but instead made sweet little grunting noises when it was time to be fed. I love that she smiled for the first time at two weeks old while her Grandma Marti was holding her {and re-smiled at her 2-week check up and her pediatrician was impressed and confirmed that it was a genuine smile} and what a happy little baby she always was. I remember holding her on my lap when she was 9 months old and hearing her clearly say her first word as our cat walked by. "Meow," she declared. "Meow."

Ah! I could go on and on and on about my amazing girl, but in the interest of time {mine, and yours} I'm going to limit my list to 25 things that I love about Carrie on this, her 25th birthday.

1 - That million dollar smile that can light up a room;
2 - Her fun sense of humor;
3 - Our inside jokes - and there are many;
4 - The crazy nicknames we have for each other. Ok, mostly that I have for her;
5 - She's super tech savvy and can figure out anything computer program-ish;
6 - Her dedication to caring for her dad who is disabled;
7 - Her love and affection for Doug and the fun relationship they have;
8 - Her love for celebrities and the mind-boggling number of them she's met;
9 - She's a super responsible and hard working employee;
10 - She's a talented musician and has always had incredible rhythm {She played the tambourine with her dad's band when she was two years old and blew the crowd away!};
11 - Oh, and she has the voice of an angel when she sings;
12 - Those big brown eyes {A stranger in the grocery store once asked three-year old Carrie, "Where did you get those big brown eyes?" Bewildered, she innocently replied, "They're Carrie's eyes." SO cute!}
13 - She's so good with animals, and is a loving pet owner;
14 - Her love and devotion for our family;
15 - The relationship she has with my niece Britny - they are more like sisters than cousins;
16 - Her sense of pride when it comes to accepting help {although this can be kind of annoying too};
17 - Her creative spirit - she's always been a crafter;
18 - Her zest for learning;
19 - Her ability to devour three books at one time - the girl loves to read;
20 - She recognizes the value of splurging on a massage regularly;
21 - The way she's gaining self-confidence with every passing year;
22 - The way she encourages me to be my best;
23 - She keeps a journal and is an awesome writer and blogger;
24 - This girl loves her birthday;
And last, but not least,
25 - I'm the lucky lady that gets to be her mom!

{Carrie, 2 weeks old, Grandma Marti, 48}
Happy birthday to my amazing daughter, Carrie!
With lots of love,
~ Mom-friend


Cheri said...

At the time Carrie was celebrating her 2nd birthday, I was hugely pregnant with Sarah and sporting the same hairdo as you with the poodle bangs!

Becky said...

Yep, I had the same hairdo when Carrie was one and I was hugely pregnant with Ben! Love the photo of her with Marti. Wishing you fun celebrating her birthday. xx

scrappyjacky said...

Yep....I've got photos with that same hairstyle as well!!
A very Happy 'Birth day' to you both.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I adore that picture of you and Carrie . . . so, so sweet. And what a great list. I especially like the one about her becoming more self-confident. Happy mom-day to you!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

This is so sweet! I love it! And that photo makes me melt! You're both so cute!!!!

Irene said...

Deb, I don't personally know Carrie, but I feel like I know her from reading your blog. Very warm blog from a loving mother to a loving daughter. Happy Birthday Carrie, wishing you many more happy and healthy years.

Sian said...

Just look at that first smile! happy Birthday Carrie

Carrie Rosalind said...

Thanks, mom-friend. For birthing me and for always making my birthday so special. <3

Karen said...

What an absolutely wonderful post filled with love and pride x

debs14 said...

She is such a lovely girl - she is a real credit to you. And that smile of hers can light up a room. Happy birthday Carrie!

Jimjams said...

Happy Birthday Carrie - what a love-filled post Deb xx

Amy said...

That is an impressive list of credentials to have achieved by the time she is 25! Happy Birthday Carrie, and Deb!

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Carrie and to you Deb, a special day.

Angelfish said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Carrie. What a great list and adorable photos. Doesn't the time go by so quick? I'm making the most of my boy sleeping in this morning to have a catch up with everyone.

Karen said...

Happy belated birthday to Carrie! I just can't seem to get (or stay) caught up with blogging right now! I've always envied the time you and Carrie get to spend together---you have such a special relationship!

Auntie Bliss said...

I want to know herrr!!!
She must have a great mama!

Alison said...

Late to the party again.....but just wanted to say what a lovely post this is!
Alison xx

S said...

What a lovely post about a lovely girl.

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