Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Nephew, the Musician

My Nephew, the Writer
My Nephew, the Artist
My Nephew, The Birthday Boy!
When we were all in California last year celebrating my mom's life, my nephew Ryne played a song for us that he had written about our dear Grandma Bessie. I told him, "Ryno, if you record that song I will promote the heck out of your album!" Well, Grandma Bessie's song is going to be on his upcoming album! So...

Photo credit: Speaking of artists, Ryne has a good friend who is a
crazy good photographer - SO much talent going on with these
young people! The photographer is Robert Conrad and you can
see his work on Facebook.

So anyway, Ryne used a platform called Kickstarter to raise funds for recording fees for his first solo album. With the support of friends and family, Ryne met his goal, and we are super excited for him to complete this project and have his own music recorded for all of us to enjoy.

And here's a video he recently did with one of the songs that will be on his album. {Video also by Robert Conrad}.

We are so excited for Ryne and his talents to be recognized.
Check him out - he's awesome. And he's my nephew. :o)
Here's a link to his Kickstarter page {link} where you can
pre-purchase your own copy of his music.
PS: Today happens to be Ryne's 21st birthday. {Happy birthday, Ryno!!!} I love you so much, and am so super proud to be your aunt!


Sian said...

A lovely post from one very proud auntie :) I'm wishing him every success in the future.

There was an article in the paper here recently about kickstarter - I think it sounds like a brilliant idea

Irene said...

Sounded really good. Congrats to Ryne and wishing him a very Happy Birthday.

Gail said...

That's great. Best of luck to him.

Becky said...

What a proud Aunty and rightly so! Happy birthday to him and loads of luck too x

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

That's great! how exciting! and what a good aunt! I love how proud you are. Hope it's a smashing success.

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