Monday, March 19, 2012

A rainy weekend recap

Happy Monday morning, blog friends!
Last week was my last week of unemployment {I start my new job tomorrow!!!} so I pretended like this was a long weekend. Therefore, I'm starting my recap with Thursday morning...
I met a sweet friend for coffee {actually ended up being breakfast too} and had a lovely visit and a great catch up with her.

Then on Friday I met my girl C for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant...
Friday afternoon I whipped up a batch of Irish Cream cupcakes that ended up being a big hit at our non-camping party on Saturday night.
Saturday afternoon, for whatever reason, I was in a grumpy mood. I reached for a good old standard Hershey bar and had myself an instant attitude adjustment. {I'm really impressed with the quality of this photo taken with my iPhone!}
I sent Doug to the store for last minute supplies for our party and told him to pick up some flowers for the table. He did an excellent job selecting a mix that ended up making two separate bouquets.
We weren't really sure who would be stopping by on Saturday night and knew of at least one couple that were coming over. Turns out we had a houseful of people - 19 altogether! We loved it!!! And! One of the attendees was our 3-week old great-nephew, Sweet Baby J. He is absolutely perfect in every way.
Our friend Judy showed up for the party with tulips and a couple of dish cloths she knitted {LOVE these!!! They actually make washing dishes an enjoyable task!}. Oh, and she also gave me a knitted can koozy, not shown in this photo.
Then yesterday afternoon, Carrie and I did a little shoe shopping. For someone who claims to hate shopping for shoes, Carrie always finds the cutest styles and is quick about it. I wander the aisles, having a tough time making decisions. She helped me find two pairs that I love, and got a cute pair for herself too.
It's a good thing we cancelled our camping trip for the weekend, because it POURED rain on Sunday. I had cooked a pork roast in the crock pot on Saturday, so I used the leftover pork and made a pot of beans for dinner last night, along with some corn bread muffins on the side. YUMMY dinner for a cold and rainy night.
And there you have it.
My last leisurely long weekend.
♦ ♦ ♦
I'm super excited to start my new job! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't
just a little bit nervous, but I suppose that only proves that I am human.
And I'm super excited to wear my new shoes,
and I suppose that merely proves that I'm a girl. ;o)


Sian said...

Very, very best of luck on your first day! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it..

Cheri said...

Best of luck at your new job! Remember the first two weeks are always the hardest... learning about the business, the people, the office "rules"... but you'll do great!

Beverly said...

You had a full and fun weekend. Doug did a great job on the flower selection and the iPhone pic of the Hershey bar is amazing! I'm so excited about your job, can't wait to get a first day report tmw :) Will lift a special prayer for you in the morning.

Alison said...

I want chocolate now!!!! Good Luck for tomorrow Deb
Alison xx

Robyn said...

Now hold on just a second here. Wait one minute. You are missing a shot from this weekend, Deb. The BEST shot from the weekend. I mean, your food photos are delicious and I LOVE the flowers and that baby is giving me a dangerous case of baby-hunger…but DEB! Where is the picture of YOU!!!


(or…with your new job starting…are you worried about modeling agencies calling you? yeah. maybe it's better to stay focused on your new job and not tempt fate.)


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Haha - you are so sweet, Robyn ~ That's the advantage of following me on Instagram - you get to see all the extras! ;o)

ella@lifeologia said...

What a great long weekend ;)
Congrats on your new job!
A full house unplanned - that's always sweet...
I can't wait to go shoe shopping with my daughter ;D

scrappyjacky said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow,Deb....Good Luck.

cate said...

I totally suck at time zones, so I hope the first was or is awesome for you! sounds like a fantastic weekend, I'm hoping the rain stops here so we can go camping this weekend (although, we've decided to have a long weekend at home even if it keeps raining)

Mom said...

I absolutely love this post (and the comments!). So full of fun and food! Since I've actually been to your house now, I can picture things so much more clearly now and it's almost like I'm there (almost!). You're going to do great tomorrow, Sweetie! Your new employer is in for the biggest treat of his/her life! Love you! xoxo

Margaret said...

I'm excited for you. Best of luck tomorrow. Hope the shoes are comfy.

Ginger said...

Have a fabulous day tomorrow! You will do well Deb :) They will be lucky to have you, and not to mention... I'm sure they will be the recipients of some fresh donuts from time to time... they don't even know what's gonna hit them :0

Rhona said...

I've finally got a moment to read some blogs and today is the day you start work! I hope it all goes well and I'm sure you'll soon settle in to both the job and the daily routine :). Look forward to hearing how you get on.

As for the weekend, it looks like you had lots of fun and it seems so strange hearing you talk about pouring rain - I expect sunshine :) xx

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