Monday, July 19, 2010

The Floor Project

Doug and I are DIY'ers -- and our floors are no exception.
"We can do that!" we said.

I took this opportunity to plant little notes under the tiles before
they were placed. This is the message right by the front door.

The pets are enjoying this newly landscaped scenery.

More notes.
Doug and I have the same initials.
So: DJA x 2 = ♥
Get it?

And plenty of photo ops with my furry friend, Whiskers.Tail swishing too fast to be caught on film (ha!).
Doug has been working non-stop and making great progress. I helped all day on Saturday, and by Sunday morning every muscle in my body ached! Then, I reached up and around to put my hair in a ponytail and my neck and shoulders completely locked up. That put me out of commission all day on Sunday and unable to help. :o(
Ironic that I work with a chiropractor and massage therapist FIVE DAYS A WEEK, and I injure myself on a weekend day!?!? ~sigh~
Anyway! Doug and I have been in this house for 6 years now and have wanted new floors since the beginning. We're so excited to finally be doing this.
And I am committed to not complaining about the
dust or the speed in which the project is completed.


Amy said...

Deb I love the idea of the notes under the floor ... you are giving me ideas!

Deb said...

Thanks, Amy. Doug had a client that he painted for recently who wrote things on the walls before he painted. Stuff like “love” and “create” and the usual nice words. They also wrote messages on the nursery walls for their new baby. He had them use a plain pencil for the walls though, so that the words didn’t bleed through behind the paint. I thought it was such a good idea I just had to do it on our floors! Plus, that plain cement floor was like a blank canvas to me!

Lizzie said...

Notes under the floor... how lovely! Great floor tiles too.
I hope your back is okay now - those chiropractor friends should be able to fix you! Sympathy in waves.... I hate it when my back plays up!
Looks as if Doug has made some good progress though. it will be wonderful when it's finished.

Rachel said...

Those little notes underneath are so cute. Looks like great progress is being made on that floor.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I love the love notes, Deb! You really are too cute!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I also love the hidden notes! Everyone is making such great progress on their house projects. New carpet everywhere and a redo of the girl's room are/were on the agenda for the summer. I guess we better get on the stick or summer will be over and we won't have even started.

Darcy said...

love the notes under the floor, I do stuff like that when I am wallpapering, dunno who i think is ever going to read them lol but it is fun to do. Also when i was 15 my grandma sold her house and i lifted the carpet in the bedroom and wrote on the floorboards before she moved out hahaha

sharyncarlson said...

Love love your idea to write little notes under the floor! How totally charming :) And I hope your back is okay!!

humel said...

Your poor back... Hope it's soon completely OK again!

I too love the notes under the floor, but I also love the shared initials - The Doctor and I almost share initials too (he has an extra middle name) :-)

Becky said...

Love your notes under the floor! Hope your back is soon feeling better.

Cheryl said...

Wow what a fab idea Deb wish I had thought of that before we had ours done last year x

traci said...

that will look so nice. i am impressed that you are doing that yourselves. your messages are so cute. love that idea.

Mom said...

As your mom, my first concern is your health--how are the muscles? As your blog follower, I love your notes! And the tile is going to look amazing!! xo

Abi said...

Sweet notes under the tiles! one day u may pull them up and all those happy memories will come flooding back! xxx

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Love your notes! When our church added on last year, we all went in and penned our favorite Bible verses over the studs and such, before they dry-walled. I thought it was the best idea ever. :)

Catherine said...

My oh my, what a project. I am in awe of your talent. And what a wonderful idea to put a note underneath : )


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