Monday, March 8, 2010

"I have quite a bit of stash."

♦ ♦ ♦
Me: "Hey, I think I'm going to sign up for another one of those online classes. It's with Shimelle and it's called 'Something from Almost Nothing' and it's all about making scrapbook pages with stuff you already own and you don't have to buy any other supplies."
Hubby: (looking dazed) "Well, that's great."
Me: "The class is only $15." :o)
♦ ♦ ♦

The class officially starts on Wednesday, the 10th, but Shimelle posted our first challenge. It reads like this: "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to admit that you have well...quite a bit of stash."

Ok, ok, I'll admit it: I have quite a bit of stash.

In fact, I'm a little embarrassed about the amount of stash I have.

I am extremely grateful about the amount of stash I have.

Never in my lifetime will I use all the stash I have.

Wanna see it? Come on in...
These are the shelves above my work table. I LOVE jars - some of these came from IKEA, others are thrift store or estate sale finds. They contain buttons, flowers, punches, and very random stuff. (My hubby built the shelves with narrow boards and "L" brackets.)
On the wall opposite of my worktable is some more stuff. On the left: my rubber stamps on the shelf Hubby made (he's pretty handy, eh?) and underneath the stamps is some of my paper in plastic bins. The bookshelf contains: naked letters waiting to be decorated on the top shelf; tubs of ribbon somewhat color-coordinated on the bottom shelf; and lots of miscellaneous supplies in between. (I've threatened to sit down one day and use every single one of these miscellaneous supplies until I have a completed a substantial mini book.)

To the right of the white bookshelf shown above is a small chest that I inherited from my dear mother-in-law. I filled it with brads and random embellishments...more buttons in jars on top:

On the left you can see part of my grandma's old dresser that is filled with some of my fabric. On top of it is my Cricut that I love (it's one of my favorite scrapbooking tools). My Cricut cartridges are kept in the basket on the bottom shelf of my thrift-store-find-table behind the furry one. Whiskers in the middle.

And, the closet in this room has shelves that hold craft- and cook-books and more paper and other tools and miscellaneous stuff. I can't wait to start Shimelle's class!!! I need to start Shimelle's class!
♦ ♦ ♦

I finished my niece's wedding guest book
yesterday and can't wait for her to see it!
(will post pictures after it's in her hands)

And I'm so excited to start Shimelle's class
and focus on scrapbooking for a little while.

I had a great weekend with my mom.

Life is good.


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

You do have a good amount of stash! Lucky girl! And you are so organized - I'm jealous! Have fun in your class. Bet you love it and come up with even more fabulous stuff to share.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

OoooH! Lots of lovely stash and the room looks so welcoming too!See you in class!

Ruth said...

Ha! I feel so much better now, because I know that others have as much, or even more, stash than I do! Yay!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I'm with Ruth - happy to see someone with the same general amount of stash I have - LOL! Can't wait to see what we do with it.

Lizzie said...

Of course, stash makes us happy, which is why we have so much. At least yours is pretty well organised.
I remember when my stash fitted in a shoe box... then a tall, thin chest of drawers... long, long ago! It grew and grew, like Topsy.. Now I have a whole room for it all! (I'm so lucky).
What did your husband say about the $15 for the class though!
Have fun and use up some of that stash!

Rhona said...

Guess we're all in the same boat. I should take Shimelle's class but I need to do some decluttering and if I start something else it won't get done!

Clair said...

Okay. I now *officially* do not have a lot of stash. It is obviously relative! Your space (and stash) look amazing. I'm not sure you're going to use it all in just one class though, but good luck!

Sian said...

That is really quite a lot of stuff! Looks great though, I'd love a bit of a poke around on your shelves :). A dazed husband..yes, that sounds familiar!

furrypig said...

I love your scrapping space especially the cat! I also like seeing the mix of new and vintage storage I really loved it. Look forward to seeing you in class xxx

Emilie Lynne said...

I would die to have so much pretty crafty stuff at my disposal! That is so awesome... I love that room <3 I hope that class is fun, it sounds like it will be :)

humel said...

Love all the jars - I so love jars! Beautifully organised supplies :-) And (of course) a cat... ;-) See you in class x

Karen said...

Well, I don't know what to say - only I am turning an unattractive shade of green looking at your craft room and associated stash! What a super place to craft in.

BTW the reason my blog went awol was because there was some corrupt code in the blog counter. Once I changed that it was all ok again :)

traci said...

what a great class. i need to do something like that. i have lots of stash too. i did use some this past weekend, but i don't think i even made a dent. you have lots too!

traci said...

i signed up too!!

photogmichelle said...

okay, I'm going to do this class as well!!! I will not be taking photos of my stash, but it is in such disarray, but maybe this will get my butt in gear to actually make some pages.

melissa said...

what a great space you have there! see you in class :)

sharyncarlson said...

You have such a lovely crafting room! So lucky to have a hubby who builds shelves ;) I love the concept of Shimelle's class. I told my hubby about it today and he asked if that meant I was going to use some of my jars of buttons and flowers and brads and ribbon... lol. I so need this class, too!

cate said...

love your space, and those little shelves... see you in class!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! What a fantastic array of supplies you have Deb :-) I'm sure the class will suit you - I look forward to seeing what you create!

Jane said...

Ooooooh I love your big glass jars of buttons!!! LOVE them!!!

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