Monday, March 8, 2010

The other furry one.

I don't post many pictures of Fancy Jane because she is very camera shy. This past weekend I did happen to take a couple of photos of her. She moves quickly after one shot is taken so there's rarely a chance for several shots at one sitting.

Here are some things about Fancy:

♦ She's a tiny cat - 6 lbs. of kitty bones and fur and claws.
♦ We adopted her from an animal shelter 8 years ago. She was 5 at the time and her previous owners had "health issues" and couldn't keep her. It must have been heartbreaking for them to give her up!
♦ She only started to purr about two years ago, and now she begins purring as soon as she's touched.
♦ She's a cat of her own terms - will be loved on only when she's in the mood.
♦ She can't resist a fresh stack of folded laundry for a perching place.
Carrie is the only one who can pick her up and carry her around. Fancy doesn't particularly like it, but Carrie forces her to be held.
♦ She will jump onto the couch and walk across my lap to get to my hubby's lap.
♦ She eats plastic bags and licks photos. ? Strange.
♦ She sleeps on or near me every night.
♦ We love her a lot! ♥

It's been a while since I posted anything craft-y, eh?
Tune in tomorrow...


Lizzie said...

Well, we now know who runs your household (or at least, who believes she does!). And who her favourite human is (not you, I'm afraid, but I have the same problem).
She is a very pretty little cat. I bet she knows that too!
Great Post. And great Title too - it brought me whizzing to your blog, to see who "The other furry one" could be!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Glad you posted on Fancy Jane - I'm afraid she was feeling rather left out. And you know that she totally secretly loves to be held by me. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Beautiful pictures. We have a very odd cat - I think she's got some raccoon genes in her make-up somehow. She picks her food up with her paws and eats it! She'll even occasionally dump it in her water dish. To drink water, she generally scoops it up in her paw and drinks from there. Plus, she can stand on her hind paws for quite a while. I know this sounds made-up, but it's not! She was born in a barn in the country.

Sian said...

She is a really gorgeous cat, with a fabulous name!

sharyncarlson said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Our cats like to lick photos too... I wonder where that comes from?!

humel said...

What a beauty :-) Love that second pic, you can definitely see her strength of character there x

traci said...

awww. she's pretty. you cat photos always make me miss our abby.

Jane said...

Just beautiful!!! I love cats so much - I just feel a house isn't a home without one!!!

PS I agree with Sian on the fabulous name - of course hahahaha!

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