Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our baby friends are 1.

Yesterday Carrie and I (and my mom came along too) went to the birthday party of our now one-year old friends (today is their actual birthday). We worked with their mom, Janae, a few years ago at a scrapbook store and have known these two little ones since the day she announced she was pregnant...with TWINS.

Typical boy vs. girl. Kinsley tasted a little of the frosting and the "mess" you see on her tray was as far as that went. Brayden went to town smashing up his cupcake into the smallest bits possible. Later on he even shared crumbs with his sister.

The name tags I made for their gifts (cut from Mickey Font on my Cricut) were turned into name tags for them by their mom. :o)

My baby girl, and Janae's baby girl.
(Don't blink, Janae! Kinsley will be 21 before you know it!!!)
Happy Birthday, B & K.
And congratulations Janae and Chris for surviving year one!
We love you guys.
xo xo

PS: Don't you love what Janae did with her chalk blocks in the first picture? :0)


Mom said...

Great pics of the sweet event! Fun party and wonderful people! Thanks for letting me tag along! xo

P.S. Love the blocks--more ideas to use on mine!

Ruth said...

Such cute photos!

Rhona said...

Love what Janae did with the chalk blocks, great idea and one that can be used year after year! What little cuties the twins are - love the photo of them with their cupcakes, that's boys for you lol!

Sian said...

They are so sweet! There is something very special about a 1st Birthday and they certainly looked like they had a wonderful time

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the chalk blocks!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Awww, these babies are precious!! And your "big baby" is ADORABLE too!!! Why do babies have to grow up????
You are such a better blogger than me. Getting out two posts per week is even a stretch. But the little basket your GGrandfather carved from a nutshell is such a treasure. Lucky girl! : )

humel said...

Oh, how cute!! (All of it!) Happy birthday to the little ones x

(I so need to make some of those chalk blocks....)

traci said...

they are so cute. your baby is included too.

Kristi said...

Great pictures! Kinsley & Carrie are (obviously) not my kids, but deb your comment about Kinsley turning 21 fast made me a little sad....haha! Looks like the party was a blast :D

sharyncarlson said...

Great photos! Love what she did with the chalk blocks. And the cake photo (boys vs girls) is too funny. And I am loving the name Kinsley!

jelly roll said...

Thanks for such a sweet post! Had a great time at the party, I think the kids are still recovering! :)

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