Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Very Merry Unbirthday

to you, Laurie.
First, this is a happy birthday post to my SIL, Laurie (you know my niece, Krissy who's getting married? Laurie is her mom). Laurie's birthday is actually on February 29th so she doesn't get a REAL birthday this year - hence the unbirthday theme.

And an entry into Rinda's Alice in Wonderland challenge.
In honor of the two, the "very merry un-birthday" was perfect.

Here's to you, Laurie! Happy {un}Birthday!

And to you, Rinda! Thanks for the inspiration.
And then just because... (not sure why all the extra spaces here...)

PS: Journal strips were done with strips of paper run through my label machine then sanded with an emery board. And the flowers are some I made using the technique for flower-making that I posted yesterday. :o)


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Deb you are amazing!

humel said...

Lovely and fabby! :-)

Where did you get the teapot charm? That's just perfect for the teaparty page I want to make for my journal...

It's my friend's birthday on Feb 29th too. What does Laurie do? Celebrate the day before or day after?

Rhona said...

Cute card and very appropriate in this case! At least your SIL can stay young much longer than us (if counting only real birthdays!)

cate said...

That card is gorgeous!

My template is a blogger one - minima stretchy, hth


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love it - especially the wonderful springy colors! And the paper flowers are great - still on my list of things to try.
Thanks for playing!

Deb said...


Mel ~ I've had the teapot charm for several years...have no idea where it came from. Possibly a bead store I used to frequent during my jewelry making phase.

and Rhona ~ Laurie does count the number of actual birthdays! I think she's technically 12 now. She has it figured so that she'll be "16" on her 60th birthday so we'll have a big "sweet 16" party for her. LOL (that's not for a while though!)

Oh - and I think she celebrates today AND tomorrow. :o)

Lizzie said...

29th February! I remember being very puzzled as a child, by a grown-up telling me she was four years old! Of course she was a leap-year baby and was really 19!

Love the card and it's such a clever idea too. Pretty flowers...

Mom said...

Very cute and appropriate! Thanks for the video! Your paper flowers are so cute--will you demonstrate this weekend? xo

Karen said...

Ohhhh what a super card Deb and I love the video xxx

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