Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's to 2009!

Ahhhh... Christmas is over and we begin our new year! Doug and I left the very day after Christmas and headed to Sedona for the weekend. We had fun and it was cold and a much needed get-away! Hot chocolate and cafe mocha on the downtown strip.

Carrie and I have had this week off so we did a lot of creative shopping...hit several craft stores and ended up doing more shopping than crafting. We took some time out to take a few'll have to check out Carrie's blog for some of the crazy shots.
We had so much fun!!! I'm sad our week is almost over!
Happy new year, everyone!


Kristi said...

The pics you posted look like you had a good holiday! And I lovelove your new heading up top!

Liz said...

Love the new title. I think you have too much fun with all your crafting.... speaking of crafting, I did get your email and I will respond soon..... Also, you have to check out my new craft room.... can I just say AWESOME!!!????? I can't wait for you to see it. When will Carrie be home?
Love ya

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