Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fabric donations for a worthy cause

Hello, lovely and generous blog friends.
My cousin, Mary Ann, has battled breast cancer over the past year. She has seen her way through a mastectomy and chemo treatments, and she has reconstructive surgery looming in her near future.

After her mastectomy, the hospital gifted Mary Ann with a small heart-shaped pillow to use under her arm where lymph nodes had been removed. A little confused about the value of the pillow initially, she learned first hand what a comfort it was and how much it helped her through such a painful time of healing.

The hearts that the hospital hands out are donated by the generosity of women like my cousin. And now Mary Ann is doing her part to give back to her community by sewing and stuffing heart-shaped pillows. She donates them to the breast cancer center where she received treatment herself.

Several months ago I sent some of my fabric scraps to her and she was able to make more hearts to donate. I love looking at the photo above and seeing some of my mom's fabric in the mix. Once in a while Mary Ann posts on Facebook, asking for fabric scrap donations and I think she has just about tapped out all her local resources.

So I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to my lovely blog friends and see if any of you might have extra fabric scraps you'd be willing to donate to this worthy cause.

Cotton fabrics are good, and we'll avoid anything that would have a rough or scratchy texture... obviously. The fabric scraps need to measure at least 11" x 11" to be able to be used for Mary Ann's hearts. 

If you are interested in donating some fabric scraps for Mary Ann's community service effort, you can email me at (or send a private message to PaperTurtle on Facebook) and I'll share Mary Ann's mailing information with you.

And if you don't have fabric to donate, maybe you'll lift a sweet little prayer for Mary Ann. We pray for her strength, grace and continued healing, and we give thanks for her unselfish service to her community.


helena said...

the sewing ladies in my crafting for charity group have been making these - good to hear they really are useful. Amazed at how many she is making while also dealing with everything else - virtual hugs flying her way

Karen said...

I donated all my fabric scraps a few years ago, but I'll certainly add your friend to my prayer list!

Ruth said...

I don't have any fabric, scraps or otherwise, but I'll certainly hold Mary Ann in my thoughts and prayers.

Patio Postcards said...

What a wonderful idea, I like that there is something a non sewer like me can do & still be part of the idea. Yes we all need to put a little heart into healing. Your friend Mary Ann is in my prayer thoughts.

Sian said...

I'm sorry I'm only seeing this now Deb. I've been having issues with feedly, and seem to have spent the last couple of weeks apologising to my favourites for having to read their posts all at one, in the block they are landing in through feedly.

I'll be thinking about her, for sure.

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