Monday, November 16, 2015

This weekend around our house

Hey there, blog friends!
Happy, happy Monday morning to you.
Monday morning mood check? Meh.
Level of excitement for upcoming events in the next week or two? Super high!

So, yeah...weekend recap: highs, lows, tears, smiles, busy stuff around the house, a mandala workshop, great big grocery store trip, Carrie's dad in the hospital and super sick, rainy day Sunday with lots of baking, meatloaf for Sunday dinner per Doug's request, closet doors hung(!!!), and a ton of laundry. Seriously? How do two people generate that much dirty laundry?

Anyway! One thing I did this weekend that I haven't done in a really long time was shoot with my big camera. The quality of photos from my iPhone is so good, and it's so convenient to use - I'd forgotten how fun it is to shoot with my "real" camera. So for today's weekend recap, I give you a few photos taken around the house with my Canon.

That old box used to be in my Grandpa's tool shed filled with...well...tool shed things.

My blog friend Rinda will be in Arizona later this week and we have plans to spend some time together. :o) We're celebrating Thanksgiving with Doug's family this Saturday, and my sister and her family will be in town for Thanksgiving next week. The near future is filled with spending time with friends and family, enjoying great food and conversation, and slipping right into the holiday season.

If that doesn't give your Monday morning mood a boost, I don't know what will.
Have a great week, my friends!


Ruth said...

Just that small glimpse tells me how like home your new house is already looking!

Sian said...

You've been busy! It looks like a real home already.

Have a wonderful time with Rinda

Linda said...

ooo! Lovely photos! It's great to use the big camera now and again isn't it! Have lots of fun with Rinda, and enjoy all your thanksgiving preparations!

debs14 said...

So many lovely photos, you've really made your mark on this new home already.
Have fun with Rinda - how exciting to get together!
Have a good week x

Lady Ella said...

That's a lot of (extreme) ups and downs. I hope the equilibrium appears sooner rather than later. Looking forward to seeing pics of you and Rinda together!

Patio Postcards said...

Lots to look forward to in the coming days (yeah). I really like your "stuffed" turkey - as a vegetarian that is the perfect kind. What a lovely reminder to have your GrandPa's tool box around, so many lovely home making accessories.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Your new house is really looking like home now. It is fun to use a proper camera now and then, but so handy to be never without one, if you only have your phone.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos of your new home. Love seeing the little things that make a house a home.

alexa said...

Hoping you and Rinda enjoy your time together - it always makes me happy to see blog friends meeting up :). Clearly a weekend with lots of see-sawing emotionally, but lots of practical loveliness too - I remember nursery bricks like that too ...

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