Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's November and I am...

Painting a big mandala on the wall of my new craft/yoga space;

Wishing I'd had Doug put a smooth texture on that wall;

Half-planning on covering it up and starting over, but I'll keep

plugging along to see where it takes me. {Edit: I started loving it last night!}

Settling in to our new home. We love it!

Enjoying our cool fall weather. Arizona this time of year = awesome!

Wearing boots to work! (Dear Santa, I need want new boots...)

Making lists. A grocery list for Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping lists, mandala workshop lists, house-remodeling priority lists... Sigh. I love list making. :o)

Looking forward to having my sister and her family here for Thanksgiving!

Planning our Thanksgiving menu (though it's the same every year);

Baking cornbread for the freezer to use for my mom's dressing recipe for Thanksgiving;

Watching grocery store ads for the best deals on turkeys and hams;

Wishing some people weren't so selfish and hurtful. Humans are an interesting lot.

Missing my mom. I miss her all the time, but the holidays are a whole different deal!

Dreaming about a really cool yoga retreat I'm going on in April 2016!

Breathing deeply.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude.
What are you up to this month?


Karen said...

Making lists like you are! Enjoying a warmer and sunnier November than usual, although it turned gray and rainy yesterday. There will be no complaining, however, since the first nine days were fabulous and another warming trend is in the forecast for early next week! The mandala is looking wonderful!

scrappyjacky said...

That's looking amazing!! I'm a list making addict as well.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I think your giant mandala is going to be wonderful. I saw this link earlier, on FB, and I thought of you. Not that you need any instruction in the art, but there might be something interesting in there.

Linda said...

I love your list! Hope you don't mind if I pinch your headings! I love your mandala, and am glad you are loving it now! I too am sorting out a craft room:)

Audrey said...

Missing......Deb. For reals tho.

alexa said...

That's a wonderful piece of wall art! You will be rivalling Alisa Burke soon :). Hoping the week moves gently and happily for you.

Patio Postcards said...

Beautiful mandala. So far many of the attempts at mandala making are in shades of blues & purples. I like your lists. List making often makes me feel calmer about a situation. I know what you mean about the holidays bringing with them the special missing feelings. I think that is why I treasure & practice so many of the traditions I remember my Mom & my Grandmother doing. Both had very particular ways of doing some of the festive things. What better way to honour your Mom than remembering.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Traveling and breathing and looking forward to seeing you!

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