Monday, July 13, 2015

This weekend's new direction

Oh hey there, blog friends.
Happy new week to you!
Big news this morning! We made an offer on a house last week and the seller accepted our offer. :o) If all goes according to plan, we'll close and get our keys on August 17th, and then move sometime in September. Our actual moving date is unknown because it depends on the length of time it takes to do a bit of necessary remodeling before we can unpack boxes. We are really excited and the wheels are in motion - dreaming up possibilities for this room or that. Our new home is about two miles from where we currently live, so yes, we are staying (very) local.
Friday night's sunset was so pretty! I find myself being only a little sentimental about leaving this house. I'm ready. We're ready. I'm excited to see this Arizona sky from a whole new backyard!

Saturday morning I attended CPR/first aid training at my local community center. When I registered for the training I was surprised that the cost was only $8. And then I was really surprised when I arrived that morning and the instructor announced that our $30 certification fee could be paid in cash, check, or money order. Wait, what?! A few other students weren't prepared either, so I wasn't the only one who hadn't read the fine print in the registration confirmation. Ugh - I had $28 and some change, and I don't carry my checkbook with me. I had to leave to find an ATM, came back with two $20's and the instructor couldn't make change for $40. I emptied my wallet onto the table and counted out $29.80. Twenty cents short.

Finally! Someone offered to finish out my payment by twenty cents. It was a weird way to start the morning - knowing I was delaying the class because I wasn't prepared, feeling a little embarrassed that I didn't have the right amount, and then feeling grateful that someone offered to help me out like that.

Sheesh! And I always sit through those trainings praying that I'll never have to use the information I'm learning. Just seeing those CPR dummies is enough to make me worry! But anyway, I'm certified for the next two years and that will allow me to sub for my friend's corporate lunch hour yoga class two days this week. That was my whole Saturday morning.

Now that we have an approximate moving date I can start wrapping my head around packing. So that's pretty much what I did for the rest of the weekend.

I did spend some time yesterday afternoon preparing kits for a yoga/mandala workshop I'll be co-teaching with my friend Jessica this weekend. Jessica is a kid's yoga teacher, and this workshop is for parents and children ages 5+. She'll lead the yoga part, and I'll be leading the mandala part. I've drawn some mandalas for coloring, and have a simple kit made up for those who want to learn to draw mandalas from start to finish.
This week is going to fly by! Carrie and I have concert tickets for tomorrow night to see Trevor Hall, I'm teaching a lunch hour corporate yoga class for my friend Mary on Tuesday and Thursday, meeting at the new house for the inspection on Tuesday afternoon, teaching yoga Wednesday night, dermatologist appointment on Thursday, teaching yoga Saturday morning, then mandalas Saturday afternoon. Oh yeah, plus there's that full time job I'm obligated to.

My head is kind of spinning! Time to calm it down on my yoga mat before getting ready for work this morning.

If your eyes are reading this I am so grateful that you came to visit.
And I'm wishing you the best week ever!


Stephanie@LaDolceVita said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens and you feel like everyone is looking at you. But I'm glad it all worked out and it sounds like the rest of the weekend was good! Can't wait to see the new Casa Turtle!

Beverly said...

I would have needed some meditative yoga after that start to the day! I was going to ask you this week and moving time frame. Your home is so nice but having a blank canvas is going to be fun :)

Lizzie said...

Hi Deb! What a Saturday morning! It would've been me too, counting my pennies because I didn't read it all... Great that you got sorted out in the end. I know what you mean about hoping you'll never have to use the CPR training. I'm sure everyone feels the same, but it's well to be prepared. We had a Children's First Aid course, when I worked at the school. The CPR part was stressful, because we were told quite bluntly that we'likely break a child's rib doing CPR, but even so it coukd save their life! Arrgh! Luckily! The worst I ever had to handle was a badly cut knee. I had to call the little girl's mum to come and get her, because the cut was full of grit (which we couldn't wash out) and also the girl was quite shocked from the fall. Luckily I don't recall a single accident at school that needed CPR!

I hope your house plans go smoothly. From experience, there is usually a hitch somewhere, but it gets sorted out. We moved five times before we came to live here - plus an attempted purchase that fell through because the seller wouldn't set a date to move out - and I was eight months pregnant! I'm sure yours will go swimmingly!

Have a great week - sounds busy! X

debs14 said...

And breathe ... Oh Deb, I feel exhausted just reading this! What a busy time you have but so exciting. I did laugh at your money predicament - they should make it very clear what the final cost will be, I can just visualise you counting out your coins! I don't carry a cheque book around any more as I never seem to write cheques so I would have been in the same state. Our school just got given a defibrillator machine and the first aiders have all had to have training on that - can you imagine? It must be like being on Greys Anatomy!
Such good news about your house - boy things move quickly over there - house buying takes months over here. Can't wait to see the before and after photos. You've made so many changes to this house, the new owners are lucky to be taking over a home with such happy vibes within its walls.

Sian said...

Hurray for the new house! I'm already looking forward to lots of new photos of what you do to it

alexa said...

Phew! By the time I got to the end, I was feeling exhausted! Such a full time you are having ... and delighted to hear that you have found somewhere new and are so enthusiastic about it. I was just reflecting how the petals of your sunflowers often echo the shapes in your mandalas ...

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