Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Art Journal Cover ~ Color Wheel Style

I'm currently in the second week of a Chakra Color Art Journal class lead by Louise Gale. If you've never seen her work you're missing out! Her mandalas are crazy cool and so inspiring! {Thanks to Alexa for introducing me to Louise's art!}

Our first class prompt was to create a color wheel and my mind went straight to this jar of buttons. I have wanted to create a mandala using some of my button collection for months now, and it feels so good to have finally made that happen!

Oh my gosh, you guys, I have SO many buttons! But when I think of downsizing my supply and letting some of them go I get a little knot in my stomach. Ha!

I love these sketchbooks made by Canson - I use their mixed media style. The pages take water well so I can use watercolors on them, and I also love the weight and texture of the paper. {I love me some nice quality paper!!!} Plus it has a nice sturdy cover and it really took the gesso and mod podge well for this project. I purchase mine from Michael's, always with a coupon.

I am so excited to start filling this art journal with all kinds of color, and you can bet I'll share some of my pages as I go.

In case you're curious, here's how I created the cover:

* two coats of gesso to cover up the print on the front of the sketchbook
* a layer of sheet music pieces, torn and then adhered with mod podge
* a wash of blue watercolor paint
* a swirl of gesso to anchor the design
* bright colored buttons that I arranged and re-arranged and re-arranged some more before gluing them on with tacky glue


Audrey said...

Deb, it looks so great! I also have a slight button obsession and even keep a button Pinterest board. So many projects, so little time! So I live vicariously through all of your awesome projects such as this one! And thanks to the intro to Louise Gale (oh my, will be spending a while drooling at her website/blog/etc.!). XOXO

scrappyjacky said...

I love how you've used the buttons...great way to make a colour wheel.

helena said...

I love your colour wheel and all those lovely buttons - I remember you talking about your love of buttons in the past and often think of you when I see my jar of button on my craft shelf

Karen said...

Ohhhh gorgeous - I may have to try a little button art myself now I have seen yours x

Helen Philipps said...

Wow such a gorgeous cover! I love how you used the colourful buttons!
Happy weekend, Deb.
Helen xox

Susanne said...

So cool and colorful. Love that.

Lizzie said...

How Pretty! A whole rainbow filled with buttons. Love this idea!

Canson sketchbooks, eh? They do make some gorgeous paper, with a great texture - just right for an art journal.

Have a good weekend/week. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the inspiration I get from taking a class!
I'd forgotten until I took one this weekend.
Looking forward to your creations.

alexa said...

It's looking so exuberant and joyful! (And I delighted that you were able to find a kindred community with Louise). Just waiting for all that inside gloriousness ...

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