Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Adventures in Yoga and Blogging

Monday, Monday.
Another busy weekend has quickly and deliciously slipped through our fingers, leaving us with sweet memories and a lot of unfinished laundry. I'm really not complaining! It was a wonderful mix of friends and yoga - just how I like it!

The yoga class I teach on Saturday morning consisted of two students - my girl C, and our dear friend Barbara. I never know what to expect in terms of attendance for that class, but I knew that most of the regular crowd was either out of town or committed to other activities that morning. I loved our little class! It was a relaxed practice and afterwards the three of us had coffee and breakfast at the Crepe Bar next door. An awesome way to begin the weekend!!!

As part of my ongoing yoga teacher training, I attend a workshop one weekend a month and that happened this weekend. This was my view for five hours on Saturday, and three on Sunday...

This weekend we learned about breathing techniques (pranayama) so there was a lot of breathing and sitting and not much moving around. I LOVE my yoga teacher training so much. However. Sitting on the floor for that many hours is tough on my body (lower back). Today will require some serious stretching and moving around a whole lot more than normal.

The good news is that I have a few new tricks up my sleeve for teaching breathing techniques to my own students. Good stuff!

A big highlight of my weekend is that I had the pleasure of meeting one of my dearest blog friends, Beverly. When she emailed me months ago saying she'd be in town (from North Carolina) we made plans to get together. I picked her up from her hotel and brought her back to our house where she met the whole crew. Even our temperamental cat, Whiskers Jay, allowed her to pet him, proving what a sweet soul Miss Beverly is.

Beverly was a member of Team Teal, so we had dinner at my mom's favorite restaurant, and drank margaritas in her honor. Ah! It was so much fun. I wish it was still Sunday evening and we were there with Carrie, acting like long-time-real-life friends instead of online blogging buddies.

Sweet Beverly came bearing gifts for each of us. Among the treasures was this envelope decorated in her amazing artistic style. I didn't notice until late last night that part of her design included a fun mandala with journaling that describes me perfectly.

I've had the pleasure of meeting many blogging friends over the past six years and I'm always amazed when we do come face to face. There's a kinship and comfort level that is so sweet. Being with Beverly was the perfect way to wrap up an already great weekend.

And now...well...we all know the routine:
yoga, work, repeat for the next five days.
I'll catch you on the flipside.


Ruth said...

What a fab weekend you've had! Always such a joy to meet up with blogging friends. I've never yet met one I didn't like!!

Becky said...

A great weekend! How lovely to meet up with another blog friend :)

alexa said...

I am always wistfully envious when I read about you all getting to meet up and see each other in real life :). That's a super photo of you both, looking so well and happy! Hoping your lower back stays supple and pain free.

Audrey said...

Oh, FOR THE LOVE, I hope I'm next!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean honestly. :-) XOXOXOXOXOXO

Karen said...

Meeting blog friends is something I never expected when I started a blog, but it's such a marvelous experience! Your weekend was super busy!

debs14 said...

I love the fact that you met Beverley! Now you've finished with her, could you package her up and send her over here please ;-)
Hope your yoga keeps your back supple ready for more fun times next weekend!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What fun!

Sian said...

Oh, how wonderful! The best kind of weekend

Beverly said...

lol this shows how very, very absent I have been from Blogland!! It was so amazing spending time with you and Carrie! I was totally honored to meet Doug, Lucky, Whiskers Jay, Casper and Rexy and seeing your home and garden in person.

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