Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One part food, thirteen parts inspiration

I was trying to come up with something to blog about today and remembered a time when I used to post about food on Wednesdays. I've been making this little breakfast treat since my friend Ginger posted hers on Instagram, so I thought, "Hey! I'll blog about that!"

So I took a photo of my work-morning-breakfast and figured I was good to go. I'd share the recipe and make it a quick post for today.

As I started writing my post, I couldn't help noticing the things in the background of my stunning food photo. {ha} There's the fruit I've been intending to eat so far every day this week, a bottle of lavender oil that I inhale and enjoy from time to time, my water cup, affirmation sticky notes...

Affirmation sticky notes! I counted around my work desk area and found 13 of them!
Enter: today's blog post. :o)

I've written about how affirmation notes have helped me in the past, and today I'd like to share my current affirmations. Though there are 13 on my work desk, I do rotate them out from time to time. Here are some that I leave in front of me for consistent review and reflection:
Really great things happen to me all the time! I have a successful business of my own. I am a thought leader. I am capable of rebounding from any setback. Hello, my name is Yoga and I will change your life. Love always wins. Kindness always prevails. And smiles always disarm. Same joy, different day. __________________________________________________________________

Some are reminders or affirmations that I made up myself, and some are ones that I've seen somewhere else and loved so I wrote them down. Some of them are things that I want to happen so they are written as if it's already manifested. Example: I have a successful business of my own. Not: I want my own business. Make sense?

There are also affirmations I repeat to myself, either in my mind or sometimes out loud. Things like:
I am on the right track! I am divinely guided and protected. This is a friendly universe. Something wonderful is about to happen! I am so grateful for my amazing life.

Oh sure, I know that sometimes rotten stuff does happen, but that doesn't make it a bad life! Maybe you are having a rough week. Or it's just a bad day. Or minute!

When we choose to focus on what's not right in our world, we continue to manifest that very thing. "I have terrible luck." "Nothing's going right this week." "I just can't seem to win." My friends, I promise you this - and I speak from experience - a shift in thinking can change your life!

Occasionally a friend will comment about my positive attitude, how I always look on the bright side. Here is where I confess that I am not always that jovial {human factor}, but I will tell you that current Me is a much different version of past Me. The choices I have made have caused that shift!

The choices I have made include my yoga practice, but I know that the affirmations I have written and posted around me - along with the ones I choose to repeat in my mind - have played a huge role in the creation of my current attitude.

I'm curious; do you post affirmations for yourself?
What affirmations do you subconsciously repeat to yourself?
What affirmation will you choose today?
What affirmation will you write and post where
you can see it throughout your day?
PS: Oh yeah - the breakfast in my jar? Equal parts quick-rolled-oats (uncooked), 1% milk, and peach flavored Greek yogurt, with a little splash of vanilla. Made the night before and stored in the refrigerator, it's a quick and yummy breakfast to grab and go the next morning. You can also add fresh fruit, raisins, flax seed - whatever floats your boat.


tainted with a positive view said...

I have been considering the oatmeal breakfast recipes (like yours) that I have seen on pinterest. Thanks for THAT affirmation! I really appreciate the positive-ness of your affirmations. I believe positive reinforcement can really change an attitude.

debs14 said...

We call that breakfast 'overnight oats', it's part of the Slimming World food plan! You can also blitz it together the next morning with a couple of eggs and make it into a pancake mixture, delicious!

Ruth said...

What a great post! First thing I did after I finished reading it was to look around my office and what positive affirmations I had going on around me. Enough for my own blog post, thanks!

Sian said...

Seriously, what a cute post! It has made me smile today. TSO has a series of post its just like this on her bedroom wall (well, when I say just like this, I mean she has some great affirmations, but now I have a few more to offer her!)

scrappyjacky said...

Love your breakfast....I have something similar....but always add fruit.
Loving your positive attitude.

alexa said...

Such an uplifting post :). I'm a yoghourt and fruit (minus the grain) person too. Being brought up with a depressive parent has really helped me to chose the positive and forward-moving in my life.

Karen said...

I've always believed you are one of the most positive people I know, and this post proves it! I'm copying a couple of these affirmations down that are new to me.

Anonymous said...

I love this Deb! I need more affirmation sticky notes. I am always sending quotes to my coworkers that I think they really need to hear that day... but I do not often do the same for myself. I've been doing overnight oats too recently (with coconut milk and soy yogurt). LOVE IT!

Audrey said...

Oh goodness, I always have quotes and affirmations floating all over the place ~ I love them. I loved hearing about yours too! Some of my favorites: "Stop the glorification of busy" (I am the worst offender!), "She always wears black but she has a colourful mind" (this is just SO ME!), "Go the extra mile ~ it's rarely ever crowded" (I live my life by this one!). I recently did a page in my journal of a bunch of quotes but I'm too lazy to get up and get it. Ha ha. Also, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your very sweet postcard. Made my day to walk to the box and get that. Happy, happy snail mail.....truly one of my favorite things. Thanks, Deb!

Audrey said...

Of all the quotes that I collect, Anna Quindlen, Mary Oliver and Ghandi ("In a gentle way you can shake the world") are the most common names you'll see. I just adore all 3 of them. :-)

Beverly said...

I have an affirmation box where I keep sweet notes from friends and loved ones that remind me of the good in me and some days it makes all the difference. I have a book that I keep favorite quotes in and love looking through it but looking around I see nothing that has words EXCEPT your sunshine postcard which is straight in front of me when I look up from my screen ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about affirmations - it's just what I needed to read today (and practice).

Maria Ontiveros said...

I still want to try that breakfast.
I have given up being negative for lent. I am happy to see Clara write positive affirmations on her message board now and then. I save positive affirmations I see on FB on my phone and send them to her now and then.

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