Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What this blogger reads

Something a little different today ~ I'm sharing a list of some of my favorite blogs.

I follow a lot of blogs that I enjoy reading, but here are some that I'm quick to click on when they show up in my reader. I wonder if you follow any of them too.

Memory Keeping and Photography Inspiration
{The Big Girls}
Elise Blaha - enJOY it - Elise's authentic journaling really inspires me, and I've loved reading her letters to her baby girl. I also love Elise's ability to make her surroundings beautiful with simple touches, and she rocks the Project Life gig. And she's probably the only one I know that competes with my Carrie's selfie-taking talent!

Ashley Ann Photography - Under the Sycamore - I love Ashley's photography style and seeing the photos she captures of her kids just being kids.

Cathy Zielske - I can relate to Cathy on so many levels - parenting, keeping fit, personal struggles, and I love her dry sense of humor. I rarely visit Cathy's blog without smiling/laughing part way through. She's been "Taking the Crap out of Scrapbooking since 2001." Ha!

Because New York is Cool
66 Square Feet - A really cool blog I stumbled upon - awesome photography and well written words. It's always a treat to see what she's cooking, and also what she has growing on her small New York terrace.

Made in Brooklyn - My blog friend Robyn inspires me with her mad photography skillz, her yummy looking baked goods and her thoughtful words on parenting. I love reading about her family's awesome weekend adventures and her boy's silly antics. Plus, her piece of the planet is so different from mine, it's just cool to have a look around.

Just a Good Read
Small but Charming - This blog belongs to Flower Jane and I'm always happy to see a new post from her in my reader. I love her sense of humor and clever storytelling. And even though she might not always think so, I think she has a really interesting life! She works in a flower shop - how cool is that?!

One Day - I'm pretty sure that I found Sarah's blog through Flower Jane's during one of her "Flowers in the House" party. Anyway, gorgeous photography with such thoughtful and beautiful words with every post. She reminds me a bit of Alexa...

Simply Alexa - Alexa's posts inspire me to be a better writer. Her poignant storytelling and photography are something to admire, and her artistic talent just blows me away. It's always a treat when she blogs!

Inspires Me with Fabric
Bee in my Bonnet - I'm kind of obsessed with Bee in my Bonnet blog right now, and I really need to get with it and just order her book already. I love the bright and happy colors Lori chooses for her quilting projects, and the way she begins each post with "Hello cute people." Just makes me smile.

Waterpenny Quilts and Little Sewn Things - I can't remember how I found Dana's blog, but she always has some great sewing projects going on, and I love that she offers links to tutorials that have come in handy for me.

Inspires me with Words and Art
Color My Bliss - A recent find on Facebook, then I went to her blog, and she came to mine, and the rest is blog-friend-history. I love Debbie's bright-color-style and her ability to find some really great quotes and inspirational phrases. A quote I recently used for Just a Quote for Friday was inspired by her.

I wonder how many of these blogs you might be familiar with, and how many you might visit as a result of seeing their links here. If you pay them a visit be sure to leave a comment. And tell them that Deb @ PaperTurtle sent you. ;o)
Do you have any favorites you'd like to share?


Karen said...

Thank you Deb - I will pop over to check these out x

scrappyjacky said...

May check some out.

Audrey said...

Hi Deb! The only one I follow is Under the Sycamore. Love it! But, when I have some time, I'd like to check out these others as well....

Ruth said...

I enjoyed this post very much. I already read CZ, Elise, Alexa and Robyn, but it's always good to discover new blogs. Even if I am having to ration the time spent blog hopping, because my list gets longer by the day!

Robyn said...

hey hey! I'm on this list! :) Thanks Deb! I feel the same about you! Sometimes I think you live on a whole 'nother planet. Do you think that about me too? ha!

(I have "Chandler" in the weather app on my phone...right next to "Vermont" where my folks are...love comparing and contrasting those two regions. "Deb's area is 73 right now and my mom's is -12! wow!")

Alison said...

I'm so with you on your thoughts about Alexa!...must check out some of the others!
Alison xx

Amy said...

I think I read, regularly, about four of those you have listed - I always like seeing new and inspiring blogs but I do have to admit that I am finding it really hard to dedicate any large amounts of time to blogging these days, well, reading of blogs. I feel like I'm stuck in the 'I want to expand my horizons, but I'm not sure how that might happen' phase ... I think it has made me really picky, the personality of the blogger and their writing has to jump off the page for me to add them into the mix.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I read Alexa and Robyn, but the others are new to me. I'll definitely check them out.

Susi said...

I read a couple of these too! I'll have to check out some of the others.

Beverly said...

Alexa is my only read off your list but I have become acquainted with Audrey, thanks for the introduction ;)

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