Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cate's Bloggy Baby Shower

Hello, guests. Come on in! I'm so glad you could make it for
Cate's Bloggy Baby Shower!

A group of us bloggers put our heads together and came up with baby shower themed posts for our Australian friend, Cate, who is expecting a baby girl in June. Several of us made pages to be put into a collective scrapbook, and today we'll be sharing those, as well as some other random baby-bits of advice or stories of our own. You'll see links to the other blogs at the end of my post.

While baby showers are common in the US, I've learned that they are not so common in other countries. So today we'll just pretend that you are coming over to my house for a baby shower, and I'll share how that would be.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Our patio would be decorated with pink and purple balloons and streamers as we welcome the baby shower guests. Would you like a glass of pink lemonade? Or perhaps a glass of wine? ;o) Grab yourself some snacks as well, and take a seat.

We'd talk with our guest of honor, Cate, about how she's feeling. How many more weeks do you have? Are you ready for this baby? Are your older kids excited for their new baby sister?

We'd play games for prizes! Maybe I would pass out paper and pens, and then set the timer for 60 seconds and we'd see how many baby items you could list in that time frame. "Anyone have more than 10 items listed?...Yes? Anyone more than 15..." until we determine the winner. There would be a prize for the winner - probably a candle or some nice smelling lotion or something like that.

There would be other games too, and more prizes, and of course cake - or maybe pink cupcakes for this occasion. After everyone is settled and has their cake, it would be time for Cate to open all the baby gifts. Carrie would be close by with a pad of paper and a pen - she always loves to write the list of gifts opened at showers. The list would go home with Cate so she can use it for thank you notes later on.

Packages would be unwrapped and there would be ooh's and aah's over the cute little baby stuff. Oh, and especially since they'd be baby girl clothes - SO cute and tiny and mostly pink. There would be practical gifts that would bring about comments like, "Oh, that's a great idea!" or "Wow, things have sure changed since I had Carrie."

There would be party favors for every guest - most likely some chocolates tied up in a pretty bag. And after we had spent a lovely couple of hours snacking and drinking and showering Cate with gifts and well wishes, we'd hug each other at the door as we said our good-byes.
I hope you enjoyed your time at Cate's baby shower.
Now for more fun, you can click on the links below to see what others have done for Cate.


Sian said...

Thanks for pulling everyone together for this Deb. I hope Cate enjoys her party

Melissa said...

It does sound like a nice baby shower - thanks for inviting us all to be a part of it!!

Alison said...

Sounds like fun Deb...thanks again for being co-ordinator in chief!
Alison xx

helena said...

thanks for introducing so many of us to the delights of a baby shower

debs14 said...

I guessed there may be cake involved but I didn't know there were baby shower games! Thanks so much for organising this Deb, it's been fun joining in.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

How kind of you to throw Cate a shower and invite us all along. Such a sweet idea and lovely pages for her album. I'm always wishing I had known about scrapping when my two were tiny.

JO SOWERBY said...

I am enjoying this shower so much and it's calorie free too,
Jo xxx

Cate Brickell said...

Such a fun shower! Thank you so much!

Amy said...

You have done so well organising this lovely get together - I can't wait to see all those pages together.

Beverly said...

Great job educating the non Americans :)

Lisa-Jane said...

Well done to all of you! What a lovely idea. I really want to go to a baby shower now!

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