Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Four Pets

We our pets.

I've had a few questions about how Whiskers Jay is handling the addition of a dog to our household, so I thought I would give you a little update on his kitty-attitude, and also share a bit about the rest of our critters.

The look on his face in the photo above pretty much sums it up. Whiskers has been slightly annoyed about having a dog as a roommate, but we've actually seen glimpses of a possible friendship being fostered. Lucky the Dog is curious and playful, Whiskers the Cat is cautious and bossy. It will be interesting to see how these two critters do in the long run. Lucky is here to stay.

And then there's our Rexy boy - the box turtle who refused to completely hibernate this past winter. Either that, or he's a sleep-walker! We adopted Rex last spring and grew quite fond of him as the months passed. Then, when winter approached, we watched and waited {and worried} as he refused to burrow and go to sleep. His original turtle-mom reported that all of her turtles were down for the winter. Not Rex. We actually saw him out and about on NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! ~sigh~ Anyway, we hadn't seen him for a while, but last weekend he was out with a vengeance. And, he gobbled down a big chunk of hard-boiled-egg like he hadn't eaten in...well...months!

When we adopted two baby turtles back in November, Doug suggested that we name this one Casper because we never saw "him" {get it? like Casper the ghost?} This one always burrowed and hid anytime we had to do anything with their environment. We've since determined that this one is a female, and I have visions hopes of her and Rexy mating one day and then we'll change her name to Mama Cas. :o) Cute. No?

Anyway, our other baby turtle died {I think in December?} and I didn't mention it on my blog because... really? My mom. And my cat. And a baby turtle? It was all too much loss for one little blog! We have no idea how he/she died - just went into the food bowl one day and never came out. Sad!

Then, when you're sad, what makes you super happy? A dog. Lucky is doing well after his first couple of weeks of residence. Turns out that this pup loves to dig which is not conducive to growing basil or pretty flowers, so we'll need to figure that one out. Any helpful tips on how to train a dog not to dig?

And that's the rundown.
Four pets in our house.
{five if you count Douglas} ;o) 
How many in yours?


Karen said...

It took awhile, but our first cat and dog became fast friends, curled up together to take a nap on occasion! We had chewers, but never any diggers, so I'm no help with that!

Sian said...

We're down to two goldfish, after Gary's sad demise..but we are hoping for a new hamster soon

scrappyjacky said...

Our 2 dogs and 1 cat aren't exactly great friends....but they co-habit quite peacefully.....well most of the time anyway!!
The cat is far more likely to dig than the dogs....but tends to do it on bare earth rather than where there are plants....the bigger problem is the dogs walking on plants to get somewhere quicker....and just pretending they don't see them...and just pretending they don't hear us calling them away!!!

Rhona said...

We have a dog and 4 cats but I can't really say any of them are particularly good friends. The closest we get to it is Bellatrix and Mac curling up together when they're cold but they are brother and sister. As for the digging, we had a boxer dog in SA who loved digging and nothing we did seemed to make any difference. Hope you manage to train Lucky somehow. xx

Margaret said...

How did I. Miss that you got a dog. Lucky is adorable. Here is the trick: a tired dog is a happy dog. Get that pup lots and lots of exercise.

Beverly said...

I'm sure Whiskers Jay is trying to figure out how Fancy Jane leaving translated to Lucky!

alexa said...

We don't have any here, but admiring your houseful - looks like you are kept busy! Sorry to hear about the little turtle too ...

Maria Ontiveros said...

Gypsy and JJ are slowly getting used to Aria. But Aria is still freaked out by JJ!
We're glad we got Aria, although she is a bit of a pain. Both Paul and Clara love her so much.
And Gypsy never fails to cheer me up.

Anonymous said...

We don't have one anymore and when he passed we felt it wasn't fair to the dog to get another one because we like to travel. We really miss him though. He wasn't a digger though so can't help you there.

Lizzie said...

I'm just catching up, after such a long spell of almost no blogging.

I Love this post about your pets - but I'm sad to hear (so late!) about Fancy Jane. We lost our Sherlock just a couple of weeks before and are still missing him sorely, so I can imagine how you feel about your little ginger lady. It's good to have your other animal friends to help you - our guinea pigs still comfort us, with their antics and squeaking.

Love your little turtles (we call them "tortoises" in UK - a Turtle lives in the sea and a fresh-water turtle is called a "terrapin" - weird, eh). Perhaps your winter has been too warm for Rexy to need full hibernation this year? He seems to be enjoying his egg, in your photo!

Two turtles, a cat And a dog - you are a busy family indeed! X

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