Thursday, July 26, 2012

Art Saves ~ A Pass the Book Post

Art saves.
That's quite a statement in itself, isn't it?

I was curious about this book when I won it in a "Pass the Book" round from JoC. I loved looking through it and reading the stories of the individual artists and how they used their art to overcome adversity in their own lives. I began to think, "How has my art saved me?"

I don't know that I can really come up with an eloquent description of how I've used my art to pull me through the depths of dark times, but I do know that I rely on it, albeit subconsciously, to get me through rough patches - to get me through everyday life, really.

Carrie included a quote on her blog a while back that went like this: "Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose. It's all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary." ~ Chuck Palahniuk

I began to look around me, and saw that it was true. All around me I am surrounded by my "art" - the things I love and the way I arrange them in my life speaks volumes to me personally, and brings me a familiar comfort and pleasure that saves my life {or at least a bit of my sanity} every day.

About 20 years ago, I had an opportunity to attend a day-long seminar on goal setting and visualizing the outcome of a goal. At the beginning of the day the facilitator said, "Show of hands, folks," holding his hand up high as our queue, "Who in this room is creative?" Without even thinking, I raised my hand. And then I was a little embarrassed that in a room of about 100 people there were only two of us holding our hands high!

My sister will say that she is not creative, but I beg to differ. She has a beautiful home, an impeccable fashion sense, and plans a party better than anyone I know. She is surrounded by her "art" without even realizing it.

How blessed I am to have the ability to share some of my art with others! I never take that for granted, and I am grateful for it always. And how blessed we all are to be able to share our art with each other every day, in a variety of ways. Look around you! Where is the art that saves you every day?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thanks to Sian for starting "Pass the Book," and for the others
before me who have enjoyed this book and passed it on to me.

Would you like a chance to borrow this book?
If so, just say so in a comment and I'll put your name in the draw.
I'll announce the winner next Wednesday, August 1st.


Carrie Rosalind said...

Love this post! I am creative too. :) And I want to take a peek at that book before you pass it on, please.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh, put my name in, too, please. I feel like I could use some artistic escape these days.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I also think you've used your art to help you through the difficult times with your mother, haven't you? I think the whole butterfly project, as well as Team Teal have been soul-rejuvenating art projects.

Alison said...

I reckon I'm creative, but not know what I mean? You are most certainly artistic..and Rinda's right about it helping you through the difficult times
Alison xx

Valerie said...

Awww--thanks sis!!! What a nice compliment---but I still am not CRAFTY at ALL! Love you!

Amy said...

Your words are beauftiful and true today Deb!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

That's so very true and Alexa said something similar on her blog yesterday. About being creative when you don't even realise it. I would love a chance at the book, having admired it on both Jo and Sian's blogs :o)

Barbara@Sweet Serendipity said...

Beautiful post Deb! I think you were very eloquent! I'd love to see the book also....and I am very curious about, "Pass the Book"!

Margaret said...

Oh,choose me!

Mom said...

Your art, life, home are reflected in the most amazing mirror! You should be very pleased with that reflection, my darling! Love you! xo

Ginger said...

I loved this post Deb. I would have to agree with you on many points. I think individuals say they are not creative or artistic, but I do believe everyone has it in them it just shows in different ways. I have been artistic all my life, and there was a period of time when I stopped and I never really knew what was missing...hubby knew... and he bought me my art table for which I am very thankful for :)

I would love to have a chance at reading this book.

Take care :)

Karen said...

I have to agree - every aspect of my life is defined by my need to create. When things are rough I immerse myself into creating and escape for a while. Love all the photos of your creativity.

Sian said...

A lovely post as you Pass the Book!

I hope whoever is next enjoys it. Would you do me a favour and ask the winner to Pass it back to me when they have finished? So far I've had three out of my twelve returned, and it would be lovely to see another one come round again :)

Susan said...

I'd love to borrow this book - please count me in!

Karen said...

It took me a long time to believe I was creative, but I would raise my hand now. Crafting definitely saw me through a very rough five years when even reading couldn't distract me from the pain. I'm going to pass on the book, however, since I have a pile here already waiting for my attention.

Anonymous said...

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