Saturday, June 2, 2012

Right now I am...

Settling in to being 51 and being surprisingly ok with it.

Understanding what it takes to get through a day of work at my new job. I will learn this stuff eventually.

Getting to know my new coworkers and really liking them.

Feeling sentimental about my girl C turning 24 next week.

Planning cupcakes for said girl's birthday celebration.

Thinking about my mom.

Wishing I didn't live so far away from said mom.

Missing my crafting time!

Enjoying the freedom of my awesome shoulder letting up.

Singing songs from Jason Mraz's LOVE is a Four-Letter Word c.d. {favorite song is "Living in the Moment"}

Looking forward to seeing the ocean next weekend with my sweet hubby!

Ready for a fun weekend!

How about you?
What are you up to right now?


debs14 said...

Well I, for one, am wishing I was in that Arizona sunshine!
I'm looking forward to 'Paella night' at our friends' house. Richard cooks the absolute best paella this side of Spain! Actually, better than many paellas I've eaten in Spain.
Looking forward to one of Richard's wife's Marvellous Margaritas while we're waiting for the paella to cook. Oh go on then, I'll have two if you insist ;-) They live within walking distance so no arguments over who will be 'designated driver'.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I am psyching myself up to participate in the "sand blast challenge" fun run in about an hour!
Then it's off to Turlock to watch soccer. Plus, really busy preparing for our trip abroad.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Well I don't think anyone would guess you were 51, you look so much younger. Right now my girl and I are enjoying a little peace while the boys are out. We made cupcakes and I'm just sampling one with a lovely cuppa. Enjoy your weekend xx

traci said...

i think "right now" you are perfect!!

Alison said...

At this very moment I am waiting for DH to finish watching a soccer match, so that we can go out together :)
Have a fabby weekend Deb!
Alison xx

Carrie Rosalind said...

Love that you did this's fun huh? And you already know that I absolutely LOVE that picture of you - you are soooo pretty! xoxo

Cheri said...

Me too on settling into the being 51 thing! And my Sarah turns 22 later this month.

Beverly said...

Waiting...on the Chosen one to get back from a scout reunion so we can eat
Missing...creative time
Happy...that new meds are making a huge diff for my sister
Looking forward to ...the end of this job on Thursday!!!!
Planning to...catch up on blogs and emails and cards that need to be sent (but prayers have been lifted every day ;>)

Karen said...

Loving the photo! 51 seems so young from my perspective! :-) We just came home from a great production of "Company" and a delicious dinner at a new restaurant just around the corner from us.

Amy said...

Right now you are looking smokin' hot young lady!

Ginger said...

Amy has beat me to it! You do look amazing Deb!

Ginger said...

Amy has beat me to it! You do look amazing Deb!

Irene said...

Deb 51 looks fab on you. I finished painting my entryway and hallway. Well I did have a little help from my two boys.

Karen said...

Today I am wishing the next two weeks away so I can wrap my arms around my Gracie Girl and have her home, on and off, for the next 13 weeks x

Mom said...

Right now I'm:

Loving that I feel better than I have in weeks.
Grateful for treatment tomorrow to try and knock out a little more of this junk in me.
Blessed to have my wonderful family!

Love you! xo

Margaret said...

I am catching up on all the posts I missed when I was gone at his weekend.

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