Wednesday, March 14, 2012

52 Donuts - #9 and #10 {applesauce and maple}

Donuts for my parents.

One thing that my mom requested during her recent visit was donuts, and I was happy to oblige. This recipe for maple glazed applesauce donuts was a winner on Sunday morning with a cold glass of milk for some, and hot coffee for others. {You can find a pdf copy of the recipe book that came with my donut maker here.}

These babies were also super yummy rolled in cinnamon and sugar, scoring me an additional donut version toward my 52 Donuts goal.

Unlike many of the donut recipes I've tried so far,
these were really good the next day too.
10 down, 42 to go.
Care to add any more to my review, Mom?


traci said...

that applesauce one sounds really good. i would love that.

Lizzie said...

Yumm... donuts... mmmmm.... apple donuts... oooo!!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

they look so good! On days like this, it's the only time I am glad that we're not neighbors! Too fattening!

scrappyjacky said...

They sound delicious,Deb.

Mom said...

They were out of this word delicious and I ate 3! Shame on me but I couldn't help myself! And I was one pound up at the doctor's yesterday. It wasn't just the donuts--you fed me too well! Love you! xo

Carrie Rosalind said...

So far I've only tried one of your donuts. I think this needs to be changed soon.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Wow! These photos belong in a magazine. I'm sure they were as scrumptious as they look.
And yes, I will add you sweet mother to my prayers. What a lovely photo you shared of her, here.
Mary Lou

Amy said...

As I am not able to taste these little beauties each week, I am most interested in how you are embellishing the tops ... these are looking lovely!

Margaret said...

I like anything with maple. Yum.

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