Monday, August 1, 2011

My weekend in TurtleLand

Greetings, everyone!
Oh what a busy, busy, busy weekend we had around here!
Wanna' see?

Carrie is out of town for her work convention, so Doug and I are pet sitting our grand-pets. This happy little dog was underfoot all weekend. Say hello to Marcus {aka Sparklett the Dog, or Sparky to me}:
and his "little brother" Kirby. Note that the fur around Kirby's neck is usually wet because when he and Marcus play, Marcus puts his mouth around Kirby's neck. Ugh! It makes me nervous, but Marcus is actually very gentle with Kirby, and I'll be darned if that cat doesn't keep coming back for more.
These two were very entertaining all weekend. And I laughed at Doug for making fun of Marcus with a sing-song-y quip: "Marcus's best friend is a ca-at, Marcus's best friend is a ca-at..."  {Truth be told, Marcus also eats cat food and plays with cat toys. ~sigh~ How embarrassing.}
Yeah...I packed some more. Major packing going on this weekend with Doug even getting in on the gig. Our front room is a kitty-cat-playground. Can you see Whiskers in the mix above?

Our sweet neighbors gave us a bunch of boxes and a couple rolls of bubble wrap a few weeks ago. I baked some thank you treats for them:
Whiskers was not too sure about this little imp running all over the place, and he kept his distance all weekend:
I had lunch with my friend Janae on Friday afternoon. She recently moved to a new home and had a bunch of boxes to pass along, and one of the empty boxes was from a package of diapers {she has twin toddlers, God love her}. I had to laugh at this, courtesy of one of her movers:
I bought a bottle of wine because I liked the label:
Regarding the label:
Doug would say: "Hmph...fitting..."
Carrie would say: "Poor Doug."
I would say: "Whatever, you guys. These are stressful times!"

So, there you have it. In other news from this weekend, we looked at houses and found one we like. Now we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that the bank accepts our offer - there are four other offers on the same property. How was your weekend?

PS: Thanks for the spaghetti sauce, Carrie. It was delicious dear! xo


Cheri said...

looks like cats + dog + boxes = weekend entertainment. And that's a lot of packing going on! Whiskers must be in heaven. Best of luck with the offer/move!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Sending good house buying vibes your way! You did a great job taking pictures of Carrie's pets. . . their eyes sparkle. Can't wait to meet you two later this month. . . (wonder how many times I'll type that before you arrive?)

traci said...

don't ya love it when they all gang up on you. ugh!! i'm on your side. i can't imagine moving. that's a lot to do. hang in there. wine probably helps.

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a great animal playground at the moment....fingers crossed for you to get the house you want.

Beverly said...

Thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your weekend. I know Whiskers is glad company is gone. Have my fingers crossed on the house offer!

Mom said...

All that and you still took time to bake a thank you gift! Very sweet of you! Sending up a prayer about your house. This hustle and bustle will all be worth it! Love you! xo

Karen said...

Fingers crossed about the house and that little kittie is just so cute.

Amy said...

Do they make a Pino Grigio? That is one of the best labels on a bottle of wine .. I often buy my wine using that tried and true time tested technique!
Fingers crossed for you regarding the house! xx

tainted with a positive view said...

Okay, I must have missed something - are you moving?

Tony Van Helsing said...

I thought young Kirby had been dunked in water when I first looked at that picture.

Sian said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed very tightly for you. Here's hoping!

Rhona said...

My goodness it looks like you were busy! That wine was probably quite welcome at the end of the day ;). I really hope you get the house you put the offer on but if you don't it's not the one meant for you and that one will still be waiting. xxx

Alison said...

Really hope you're successful with the house!
Alison xx

Margaret said...

Wow! That's one packed weekend, full pun intended.

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