Sunday, September 26, 2010

I wouldn't have missed it for anything...

A few weeks ago I sent an email out to our "camping family" rounding them up to go camping this past weekend. As it turned out, none of them could join us, and by mid-week I had decided I wasn't going either. Doug never gave up ship.

When we got home from work on Friday afternoon Doug persisted, "Come on, Deb, let's go!"

Me: "Ugh. I'm totally unprepared and I have some other obligations..."
Doug: "Get ready, let's go."
Me: "But I have to wash my hair..."
Doug: "I'll wait."
Me: "And I was going to mop the floors this weekend...they're a mess..."
Doug: "The floors will wait."
It's kind of annoying when he's right.
Here are some photos of what I would have
missed if I had stayed home and cleaned our floors:

This was our view while we drank coffee Saturday morning.

Alright, I could have done without ant hills,
but I liked this photo so I'm gonna' share it.
They were everywhere this weekend!

Ground cover on our property. When we first got there
I was tip-toeing around trying not to step on flowers and
I had to give that up after a while. They were solid all over
the place!
Juniper berries. One of these days I'm going to make juniper berry wine.
More wildflowers - a macro look at some tiny white flowers.

A horned-toad lizard that Doug caught
and let me hold before we released him.

Prickly-pear cactus with fruit that the javalinas haven't found (but some weird looking bugs have). Prickly-pear jelly is on my list of things to make but it sounds like too much trouble. You have to wear very thick gloves the whole time you are working with the fruit because there are some crazy needles on these babies. I'll be more likely to make juniper berry wine!

Stag-horned cholla cactus fruit. Doug liked seeing
these because apparently deer love to eat this stuff!
Where there's cactus fruit, there's wildlife.

Pretty purple wildflowers.

More wildflowers in the foreground, Doug in the background.
This is the Sunday Tree where Doug's mom's ashes are laid
to rest. It's a few miles from our property and the view there
is spectacular. We visit every time we go to our place.

I think these are black-eyed-Susan's, but they may just be
some sort of sunflowers. They were everywhere and I took
about a hundred photos of them. LOVE these!!!

Even our fire-ring had wildflowers growing around it.
I'm so glad I listened to Doug.
If you visit my house this week, don't look at my floors!
Somehow my blogger settings were changed to upload photos on "medium" so these aren't as large as I had hoped...and too many to start over once I published the post and noticed them. Oh well. Here goes a week ahead of rolling with the flow... ;o)


traci said...

doug was right. good thing you listened to him. what gorgeous surroundings. lots of beautiful wildflowers. thanks for all the eye candy!!

Liberty :) said...

gorgeous Deb! Can we all come camping with you next time?! ;)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the shot ofbthe fire ring and the prickly pear. Gladbyou survived all the bugs!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Deb, I'm SO glad you went! these are beautiful! and by clicking on (most) of the smaller images, you see them big. Great job! Love the shot of Doug in the distance, and the flowers ... and, shoot, I can't pick just one!

debs14 said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and a lesson to us all. Housework can always wait! Much more important to chill and take time out for a while. Great photos, and that little lizard is just so cute, never seen one like that before.

Rhona said...

Aren't you glad you listened to Doug! What beautiful photos and so many wildflowers :) The photo of Doug under the Sunday tree is one of my favourites and as for the lizard, I've never seen one like that before, I wondered if it was a frog to begin with, until I read the caption. It truly is a stunning area and I imagine it must be so relaxing after a busy week.

Ruth said...

I reckon Doug had the right idea ~ mopping floors can wait! Great photos.

scrappyjacky said...

Floors will always be there to be mopped.
Your camping area just looks stunning.

Sian said...

A beautifully evocative set of photos though - lovely at any size :)

MarleneMAZ said...

Gorgeous photos Deb! You must be glad that you went and got out of the heat here.

Mom said...

So glad you took time to stop and smell the flowers! Beautiful pics--love your "coffee" view. I'd say you two really know how to live!! xo

Denise said...

It looks absolutely lovely,and I'm sure you were really glad you went.
It looks like the weather was lovely too- it's dark and rainy here :-( and it's cheered me up seeing those photos !

Catherine said...

What wonderful photos you took. And what a delightful adventure, so glad you didn't miss out.

Made me hungry for hot dogs and s'mors.


Karen said...

My mum always says 'housework will still be there when you are long gone so enjoy your time now!' Well done for giving in and having a wonderful weekend and what stunning photos.

humel said...

I'm so glad he 'persuaded' you! What gorgeous photos :-)

tainted with a positive view said...

I love camping and really miss it. Doug was so right that you should go. I was impressed that he said he would wait for you while you washed your hair. :)

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