Saturday, August 28, 2010

Icing on the cake, and a cherry on top!

Becky is one of my newer blog friends and she has kindly awarded me with the
Cherry on Top Award.
I'm honored to be among the mix of blogs she noted that appeal to her. I'm in good company!

There are 5 rules that go along with this award. They are:

1) That I thank the person who gave me my award! (xoxo Thanks, Becky!)
2) That the receiver places it on their blog
3) Receiver lists 3 things about themselves
4) Receiver posts a picture that they love
5) Tag 5 people for the award to keep it going

So, here I go.
Item #3 ~ Three things about me.

♦ Thing one is that I'm not afraid of bugs or snakes or spiders. I don't particularly LIKE them, but I don't freak out at the sight of them. That being said, I will tell you that I HATE mice. All rodents for that matter. Like, I can't even stand to walk by their cages in a pet store! One summer I allowed Carrie to baby-sit the science class boa constrictor snake. She had to feed it one mouse per month and I actually made her take the entire snake cage outside so the mouse would not have to be brought into the house.

♦ Thing two is that I learned to respect the sewing machine at the age of 8 when I sewed the needle through my left index finger. I was sewing doll clothes on my grandmother's treadle sewing machine (the old, non-electric kind with the foot petal thingy...). I'll confess here that I was using both feet and not paying close attention, making the needle go up and down really really really fast when -boom- my finger was caught in the needle. It broke twice and the third time pinned me into the machine. I remember my mom pulling the pieces out with tweezers near the lamp in my grandma's dark bedroom. The next day I was back on the sewing machine with a bandage around my finger.
♦ Thing three is that my astrological sign is Taurus, and while I don't really rely on astrology for guidance but rather for fun, I do admit to possessing the main traits: I am practical, reliable, loyal and stubborn. Enough said.
Item #4 ~ post a picture that I love.

Our crazy cat, Whiskers Jay in the morning.
This picture makes me smile every time.

And item #5 ~ pass the award onto 5 other bloggers.

This award has been making the rounds this week, and many of my regular blog friends have already been tagged, so I thought I'd list five of my current favorites and hopefully you will check them out when you have some time.

♥ My girl Carrie. She's posting more often these days, and she finally found her camera cord which means we'll be seeing more on her blog in the future!

♥ My friend Margaret over at Finnegan Begin Again. This is such a fun blog and I light up every time I see a new post in my reader! She has a true gift with it comes to taking a goddess and making her modern. I can honestly say that I have never read one of her goddess posts without laughing out loud. You've got to check her out!

Flower Patch Farmgirl ~ Sweet and funny stories of her life with three adopted children. The joys, the challenges, the rewards. She is a talented writer and has a way of pulling you in with each and every post. Love her, her stories, and her photos!

♥ For some eye candy by way of beautiful photos, you'll want to check out these two blogs: My friend Traci of Traci Thorson Photography, and Stephanie over at La Dolce Vita. Stunning photos that make me want to quit my day job and learn how to use every feature and button on my camera!!! {Not that knowing how to use all the buttons would make me as good as these ladies, but it would be an improvement for me!}
Here's wishing each of you a fabulous weekend!
We're headed over to Carrie's house this
afternoon for her official housewarming party.
SOOOOO proud of my girl. :o)
♥ ♥ ♥


humel said...

Congrats to you Deb! Love your facts, and your photo xx

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Oh my gosh! Here I am reading along, enjoying your blog and there I am at the end! Thank you so much - you really are the sweetest. The first day I popped over here after a sweet comment you left on Traci's page, I win a prize, and you have been giving, kind and inspiring ever since! I am honored to be in the company of these ladies, and especially you!

Sian said...

You made my eyes water with that story about the sewing machine! My Grandma, who stitched for a living, had some terrible stories of the dangers of machine needles.

A well deserved award :)

Mom said...

Love this! Congrats, Sweetie! And I love the comments from all your blog friends. Funny how they know so much about you through your blog... and if they knew you in person, they'd be even more impressed! Sweet, sweet! xo

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love that picture of your cat! The expression is priceless.

Becky said...

What a gorgeous photo! I love the way your cat appears to be smiling :) Your mom's comment above is lovely too - what a lovely mom you have :)

sharyncarlson said...

Super fun, Deb! But gosh does that sewing accident sound painful!

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