Friday, July 16, 2010

Talk about the weather

{This one's for you, Robyn!}

It was so freaking hot yesterday afternoon. I really didn't want to know the actual temperature - I figure anything over 105 degrees is just plain ol' hot and I don't need to know. But I looked online anyway. The temperature at 5:30 p.m. in Tempe, Arizona was:
115° (that's 46 c)
12% humidity

I thought of my blog friend, Robyn, miserable in the heat in New York so I looked at her temperature:
92° (that's 33 c)
45% humidity
Ugh! Miserable! Humidity is the worst part.
The only way you can love this heat is if you are a cactus.
. . .
About this time each year, every conversation begins with one of the following:

~ Is it hot enough for you? {Seriously? This one kinda' ticks me off. It's dumb. And people say it ALL the time!}
~ OMG it's hot outside.
~ You keeping cool?
~ How are you surviving the heat?

Yes. It's all we talk about.

It's hard to think about anything else.

And there's a "heat advisory" in our state for the next few days. It's hard to describe how miserable it gets here when the heat is so intense day after day. It's physically draining. And part of the problem is that it doesn't cool down at night. Our low yesterday was 90 degrees (32C).
So, yes, it's hot.
I knew it would be hot because it's hot like
this every summer here in Arizona.
And every summer I start whining about it...
right about this time of year.
I can't wait till Christmas!
PS: Photos taken last month on a day trip of prickly pear cactus in bloom.


Robyn said...

Deb!!! this was so helpful!! I just need to channel my inner cactus. ;) then bloom, baby, bloom! And growing a few thorns might just come in handy. ;)

I am always so relieved to hear that other people struggle with the heat. I just figured it would be old hat for you Deb. But it makes me feel less crazy to know that you too, Arizonian, get grumpy in the heat.

And it's true about the humidity! Last week New York hit 104 and it wasn't nearly as bad as it got two days later when it hit 86. I'd take 104 with no humidity over 86 with humidity any day!

maybe I should move to the dessert. Antarctica is technically a dessert, right? That sounds just about right right now.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I hear you Deb! And humidity is the worst! You reminded me of a story. A friend took a tour out in Vegas with a group of people from NY. And they were out in the desert and really complaining about the heat. And this chirpy tour guide kept saying "but it's a DRY heat." Until finally one of the guys piped up and said - "so's a blowtorch lady!"
Stay cool!

debs14 said...

OK, next summer I want you two to come and visit the UK! You'll be amazed at how much conversation us Brits can make out of the weather! I'm not sure I could cope with your heat Deb nor Robyn's humidity. We once went to Florida in August and that was enough of a shock to our poor British systems!

scrappyjacky said...

Yep,Debs is right...we Brits moan about the weather ALL's never right...too hot,too cold,too wet....and on and on and on!!!!
But yours does sound Really Too Hot!!!

humel said...

Oh my - WAY too hot! I wouldn't cope with that at all... Hope it cools down for you soon! xx

Ruth said...

Ever thought about moving to the UK??

traci said...

yep, that is hot. i agree though, humidity sucks. we get tons of that. stay cool kiddo.

Amy said...

Deb, exactly the same conversation starts here in November! We have dry heat here too as a rule but last year it was pretty humid - the mid 40's and high humidity - yuk! It is very draining and hard to keep motivated for the general every day stuff of life. We just change our priorities and try not to worry if all of the housework and gardening is not done all of the time - and BBQ and eat salad and fruit and swim of course!

cate said...

I'm going to stop whinging about the heat! But it's the humidity that gets me!

{love the flowers!}

Maria Ontiveros said...

I can't believe it! I don't think I could live in temps like that. Once you hit triple digits, I just wilt. It's usually about 70 degrees here during the summer.

Liberty :) said...

wow this is awful for you :( all WE do is talk about the weather in general "raining again as usual" "where's the summer??" or on the odd occasion it IS warm "flippin' eck the grass is dying, I'm melting, we really need some rain". In short, British people love to moan about the weather LOL!

Worst heat I've ever been in was Australia in the winter. It was so intense, not hot but intense, must be the gappy ozone layer, soooo glad I didn't go in the summer!

Rhona said...

Oh. my. goodness!!! I don't know how you cope though at least you don't have the high humidity to go with it! We also talk about the weather here in the UK (a LOT) but usually ours is to do with the lack of warmth - though we have had some lovely weather this year. Think it went up to 31C one of the days and that was hot enough for me. You'd think I'd be used to it coming from SA but that was 19 years ago and I'm obviously not any more ;)
Hope you get a little bit of relief soon.

sharyncarlson said...

The cactus photos are so gorgeous! I can't even imagine what your heat feels like. We've recently been having temps in the mid- to high-80's with humidity around 60-70%. Which is pretty awful for Milwaukee. Here's to hoping it cools down a bit for all of us! ;)

Kristi Jean said...

I miss the cacti...and the dry heat...It's windy here...thanks for all the great pictures of my home :)

Mom said...

Hot in Carson City, hot in Merced! You can't escape the heat! But then, it IS summer! xo

melissa kaye said...

Oh my goodness! That is a SCORCHER, Deb! Yikes.

Well, as you know, I'm so behind on my blog. I need to take the next couple of weeks to catch up! Ha!

Hope you are doing well. From your recent posts, it looks like it. ;)

Missing our emails.. :-/


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