Monday, July 26, 2010

Pipe Cleaner Man Tutorial {for Presley}

Dear Presley ~
If you are reading this, that means you received your little package in the mail with a bag of pipe cleaner pieces. I made a tutorial for my blog to show you how to make little people out of the pipe-cleaners. A tutorial is like a lesson -- I'll show you pictures and tell you how it's done and you can follow along and make one too. I hope you have fun, and I hope you will make lots of these!
~ Aunt Deb

Welcome to your tutorial about
How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Man.

First you take two pipe cleaner pieces the same length:

Then you take one of them and bend it so it makes a circle...
This will be his head and arms.
Then you take the other piece and fold it in half like this:This will be his body and legs.
Then you put the two pieces together like this:

Then you hold his head really tight and start twisting the other pipe cleaner to make his body. {You have to get it pretty tight up by his neck so his head won't flop around!}
And you keep twisting and twisting until he has a body and some cute little legs.

For my blog readers: Presley is my 5-year old niece who lives in California. We love to craft whenever we are together - which isn't often enough!

When Carrie was little I would make these little figures out of twister-seals in the produce section of the grocery store. I can remember her small enough to still be riding in the grocery cart, playing with one of these stick figures while I shopped. She was easily entertained back then! ;o)



humel said...

Oh Deb, this is a darling post and a darling project :-)

Clair said...

Presley is such a lucky nephew! I just gave mine aeroplane rides (eg. swung him around by his ankle!) He seemed to enjoy it at the time though!

Margaret said...

You may be the best aunt ever.

Mom said...

So that's how you make them! Thanks for the lesson, Sweetie! She's going to love these! She makes "jewelry" out of them now. Ever try to wear a pipecleaner ring???? xo

Karen said...

Super tutorial Deb - Presley is a lucky little girl to have an auntien like you.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Deb--thank you for this project. I made an orange man and am trying to figure out how to put hair on him! I love projects and I love you for teaching me this! Love you--Presley
She opened the envelope and pulled out the pipe cleaners and said--"omg--its a project plus a note--and I am SURE that the note tells me she loves me! I am going to send you a picture of the one she did---she put hair on it---sooo cute!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

So CUTE! And I just read her thank you - sweetie! You are the coolest aunt - I wish I had one just like you growing up!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the tutorial, but I especially love the comment from Presley & her mom!!!

MarleneMAZ said...

Great tutorial Deb! You always do a fabulous job of taking pictures and giving good instructions.

cate said...

I hope we see more of these "craft with Presley" tutorials, what a great idea!

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