Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5 = Cinco de Mayo

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"Cinco de Mayo" is Spanish for "5th of May."
And in case you're wondering, Cinco de Mayo is a day celebrated in Mexico to commemorate their victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. (Yes, I looked it up...history is not my strong suit...)
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The state of Arizona borders Mexico and therefore we have a lot of Mexican influences here. On Cinco de Mayo there are lots of celebrations, and the margaritas flow freely. (For us, we celebrate my father-in-law's birthday...and we'll have a margarita or two...)

The state of Texas is also a border state - again, LOTS of Mexican influences - so I thought I'd share some of the photos I took on our recent trip to San Antonio {Texas} for my birthday.
We enjoyed margaritas...

chips & salsa...
and mariachi music (these guys sang a beautiful Mexican ballad, and then 'happy birthday' to me).

...and here's a picture of me after a couple of margaritas:I thought about purchasing this princess cowgirl hat as a souvineer for Carrie, but opted for a sensible pair of pretty earrings instead. ;o) (You're welcome, Carrie.)
Now, those of you who know me know that I LOVE me some color, and in San Antonio it was everywhere! Loved this wreath (my cat would over-dose on ribbon with this for sure!)...
And pretty umbrellas along the Riverwalk...For my birthday dinner we went to the Mercado (Market Place) and had dinner at a popular Mexican restaurant called Mi Tierra. Oh. My. Gosh. Awesome food and LOTS of color in this place. These were pinatas hanging from the ceiling in the main entrance:
And strands of lights and Mexican flags (in white and silver) across this beautiful blue ceiling in the room where we were seated:
And this bakery counter in the entry of the restaurant. Even it was filled with color! (yes, we bought some treats and they were delicious!!!)
A strand of tissue paper flowers that I want to make right now!
And here's something fun! While we were in San Antonio I had a chance to meet up with my friend, Melissa. Mel and I met almost a year ago through our blogs! It was so much fun to meet her, have lunch and an actual face-to-face conversation. :o)

All in all a very fun trip and a happy birthday.



Sian said...

Wow, I love your photo's almost like being there myself! Thanks for explaining this festival. It certainly looks like a whole lot of fun!

scrappyjacky said...

Some wonderful photos...really bring your trip to all looks bright,colourful and fun.Glad you had a great birthday.

Ruth said...

What a wonderful photo story ~ love it! And I hope you bought the pink hat for yourself, if not DD???

debs14 said...

Looks like you had a great birthday, thanks for sharing all the photos and explaining about 5th May!
Margaritas seem to come in much larger measures over there to what we have here!

Lizzie said...

Ah,I'd worked out that Cinco de Mayo was a special celebration for Mexico, but wasn't sure why. Thanks for taking the trouble to find out for us!

Your birthday trip looks as if it was wonderful. You're right about all the fabulous colour everywhere too! Love all the photos.

Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

What a stunningly colourful blog post and what a cute cowgirl hat. Love your post today and glad you had such a lovely birthday xx

MarleneMAZ said...

Glad you had fun in San Antonio, the riverwalk is just fun and as you pointed out so full of colour.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love it! You look like a Miss America contestant from Texas in that pink cowboy hat!
Feliz Cumpleanos, otra vez!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Glad that you had a great time! We need another girls trip back--no offense Doug!

humel said...

Fabby colourful photos - so glad you had such a great time :-) You look great in that hat! xx

humel said...

Oh, and happy birthday to your father-in-law! :-)

melissa kaye said...

YAY! You posted our photo! :-) I LOVE it! Aw...I wish you were still here and we were drinking margaritas today. ❤

Amy said...

Thanks you for sharing all of these wonderful photos - I love seeing other parts of the world! I love the colour and, how fantastic is it that you got to meet up with a fellow blogger in real life :-)

jelly roll said...

What fun pics for your fun trip!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Deb,
How funny that we both posted pics of San Antonio today. : ) Looks like your birthday was SUPER!!!
I looooved the pics from the "photo booth" of you and your little Carrie...precious!!!
AND...the four generation photo was SO GREAT. You need to frame that one. : )
And last, but not least...Love, Love, Loved the photo of your young Mom posing in the yard and the great story that went with!!! How cute!!
Happy Belated Birthday!
Mary Lou

sharyncarlson said...

Amazing photos! So glad to see you had an amazing time for your birthday. That blue ceiling with the lights is gorgeous!!!

Kristi said...

I'm finally getting caught up on my blogs!!! YAY :D It look like you had SO much fun! I'm so happy your birthday was fun and full of COLOR!!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Looks like a great time and I really really want to go to San Antonio! Many LOLs on the hat! Love it! Have a great weekend and a Happy Mothers day!

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