Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's all about the hearts ♥

(my kitchen windowsill)

There are several things that I collect: turtles [obviously], buttons and ribbon [out of control], bottles, and tea kettles to name a few. But one of my favorite collections was started by my hubby, seven years ago on one of our first dates.
We were out quad riding in the desert with some friends and had stopped in a dry river bottom for a break when Hubby presented me with a heart shaped rock he had just found. All the other guys in our group made fun of him - and all the girls were jealous. :o)
Now, Hubby is a hunter, through and through. Yes, he hunts animals (which I'm not crazy about but, hey, it's his thing), but he also finds other stuff while he's out in the middle of no where mostly looking for animals. He usually returns from his hunting/scouting trips with trinkets he has found - arrowheads, pottery shards, cool rocks, an old bottle, and occasionally another heart shaped rock.
My heart shaped rock collection has grown over the past seven years. I have 30-40 of them tucked here and there around our house.

My hubby isn't a mushy/romantic kind of guy, but I think this is one of the sweetest and most romantic things ever.

I my heart rock collection (and the man who started it)!!!


Happy Valentine's Day, Doug! I love you! xo


Rhona said...

He may not be a gushy romantic but I think collecting heart shaped rocks for you is very romantic! What a cute collection to have. Have a wonderful Valentines Day and I hope you're enjoying some time off after the bridal shower yesterday :o)

traci said...

i love the heart shaped rocks. what a great collection. happy valentines day deb!!

Lizzie said...

I'd rather a quiet, non-sentimental husband, who's there for me and collects me the occasional heart-shaped rock, to a gushy, big-gestures type, who showers me with flowers, chocolates etc, but is never there when needed and could be suspected of "extra curricular activities" behind my back...

I reckon you have a man with a heart of rock. Hang onto him!

Catherine said...

Oh how perfect. What a man. Have a wonderful day.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome collection and what a terrific man you have! Obviously, you'e always in his thoughts, even when he's out hunting or doing his thing . . . and that seems like the true definition of love.
Thanks for sharing the best Valentine post I've read today.

Gemma* said...

very cool, happy valentines day :)

humel said...

Aargh Blogger ate my comment!! It was something like:

That's the loveliest thing ever :-) Happy Valentine's xx

sharyncarlson said...

Awwww, what a sweet collection. So romantic! Your collection is beautiful :) Happy Valentine's Day!

helena said...

so lovely when somone does their own thing rather than what they are told to do by whats on TV etc. Love that there are really big rocks as well as the smaller ones

Mom said...

So glad you posted your heart rock collection! It's amazing how many you have--who knew there were that many in the world?? But I'll bet Doug would go to the ends of the earth to find as many as he could! Happy V-Day, darling daughter! xo

jennifer said...

Hi Deb, thanks for visiting my blog, glad you like it!
I love the rocks story, my hubby threatend to buy me an iron for valentines. I wouldn't have been impressed but instead of that he bought me nothing! So now I'm thinking a new iron wouldn't have been that bad? He did take me out for a nice meal though so I'm happy!
I really like all your pics of prep for the shower, I wish I'd decorated for valentines now - might have to next year!

Sian said...

Those are fabulous! A wonderful, romantic collection :)

Kristi said...

I love the heart shaped rock tradition! You are Doug are in my favorites!

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