Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Inspiration ♥

I love Valentine's Day.
Here are a few projects that have caught my eye and are
screaming (little voice in my head...) to be made!

You know how I LOVE garland?
Must. Make. This one. SOON!

found here

And this cute one:

found here

Simple yet adorable bookmark:

found here

And if your Valentine is a tea lover, how cute and simple are these?!?!

These were found under the same link as the two above, along with a whole bunch of other Valentine projects! Gotta' love Martha! (Thanks to Carrie for sending me the link!) Have fun checking them out.



Ruth said...

Those teabags are pretty funky, aren't they? But my DH would think I have lost my marbles!

Robyn said...

i LOVE these!!! The first one is my favorite! You have to make one and show us!

humel said...

Ooooh.... CLEVER garland idea! I just visualised a Valentine for my husband that makes use of one of these garlands in a mini size... I have just the heart punch :-) Hope that inspiration doesn't flee when I actually have the time to make the card! Thanks for sharing x

amy lapi said...


your blog is so pretty and inspiring.

thank you so much again for helping with operation granny square.

Kristi said...

Those are all GREAT and easy looking projects!...I'm off to buy some heart punches at lunch!

MarleneMAZ said...

Thanks for sharing these cute ideas. Always on the lookout for new inspiration.

{melissa} said...

these are great! thanks for sharing the idea!

traci said...

cute stuff. the bookmark is great and i think even i could do that.

Sian said...

That top one is just perfect! Really lovely ideas Deb

melissa kaye said...

Ahh..I haven't been on your blog in forever! Now it's time to catch up! :)

Oh how I just LOVE Valentine's Day! Beautiful inspiration here, Deb. I adore the tea idea and heart bookmark.


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