Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Salad bar at my house.

This past weekend, Carrie and I had friends over for a craft night.
Our sweet group of friends has a variety of diet needs.

One is carb-free.

One is gluten-free.

One is vegan.

What to make for dinner? A salad bar.
I wish I had taken a picture of the salad bar I created before we all dug in! I thought of it too late, so someone suggested I just take a picture of my salad:

Yummy, right?!?!

Turns out that a salad bar set up was a great way to
accommodate each guest's dietary needs.



traci said...

that looks marvelous deb. what a great idea!!

The Norman Clan said...

you are so cute!!

Mom said...

Craving salad now! And all I have in the house are lettuce shreds! xo

humel said...

Clever idea :-) And the photo of just your own salad works just fine - looks like you had a LOT of choice! x

Lizzie said...

That is a great idea.. I might try it for our next family get-together. I'm dairy / beef free, sister can't eat gluten, mum can't eat various stuff. Only hitch is J. won't eat veg or fruit... pasta in the salad bar then!

sharyncarlson said...

MMMMM, looks very yummy and healthy!

Kristi said...

It was FANTASTIC!!! I'm still dreaming of how tasty the salad was all because of the yummy variety of ingredients and presentation! Thank you SO much for hosting such a fun night! :D

Jeanneoli said...

That looks really good. Good solution for so many different needs.

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