Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sneak peek: Krissy ♥'s Jamie

Love is in the air...

This past Christmas our family got engaged!!! Ok...well...our niece Krissy actually got the ring, but we all get the joy of a new family member (Jamie) and the excitement of planning a wedding. Their date is set for March 13, 2010 so we're working on a tight timeline here.

On February 13th I'll be hosting a bridal shower with my SIL's here at my house. Don't you know my mind is spinning out of control with ideas for cute Valentine decorations for her shower? Not much sleep happening for me over the next few weeks (the lights go off but my brain doesn't...) .

And! And! She wants me to make her guest book, so I'm busy thinking about the design for that as well. I'm SOOOO excited! :o)!!!

Congrats, K & J!!! I'm so happy to be involved in celebrating your marriage. :o)


PS: The garland in the first picture is what I'm going to hang across the back of our patio for Krissy's bridal shower. I used heart-shaped doilies that I found at Michael's and just sewed them in a single strand. Easy, easy, easy!


humel said...

Oh, how lovely! :-) Congratulations to you all ;-)

melissa kaye said... fun! Congrats to them and your family! I know I LOVE Valentine's Day and all the red, pink, and white decor. I've already started buying stuff just because it's so cute and one of my favorite things to celebrate. :)

Lizzie said...

The doileys are beautiful as a garland - great idea and so simple!

As far as Guest Book ideas go, there are a few people I know in our Bookbinding Team on Esty, who sell Guest Books. Maybe their shops would be a good place to get some inspiration?

Go to and search Handmade for the Tag "Bookbindingteam". It'll bring up lots of stuff. Or look for "Books and Zines" then "Guest Book"....
Or just look at these shops -


All three have some lovely Guest Books; UberArt specialises in very elegant books of this kind. They might give you some inspiration. If you're after simpler binding methods, try my Concertina Album Tutorial on my Blog. It's possible to extend the spine, by adding extra sections (see the last part of the tutorial for more info). If you want help, message me!
Good Luck!

Sian said...

Gorgeous garland. It's just so pretty!

vee said...

i love the garland and cant imagine what other amazing stuff u r gonna come up with! how awesome having ur bridal shower on valentines day weekend! such great decor around! have fun designing and cant wait to see more pics! oh and CONGRATS K AND J!

Mom said...

Krissy is one lucky gal to have you creating for her! Have fun and congrats to both of them! Love your ideas! xo

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