Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Notes and My Word for 2010

Dear 2009,

First, where did you go and how did you do it so quickly? Second, thanks for a great year of learning, growing, and branching out. When I chose my word-of-the-year for you, Daugther helped me come up with "chill" and I think I did it...or at least came close a bunch of times. [wink] During your time, I learned to not take myself so seriously, to lighten up and let go. Oh sure, I still have a ways to go, and I get wigged out over [seemingly] silly things at times, but hey, I'm human so...what are you gonna' do?

You brought me new experiences through this crazy world wide web. Look at all these blog friends you gave me! The creative and inspiring people you've connected me with! Look at all the things I have been inspired to create and share. Thank you, 2009! You were fantastic!

And so, 2009, I bid you adieu, with gratitude and a small sense of relief. I made it and had fun in the process.

~ Deb

Dear 2010,

Well, here you are ~ a whole new year ahead of me...waiting to be taken on...full of possibilities and promise. You have a tough act to follow, because 2009 pretty much rocked, but I have faith in you. have faith in me...and that's huge.

And so, 2010, as I think of my hopes and dreams for you, [resolutions, if you will...] I'm struck with a sense of wanting to continue this momentum. I love this path I'm on - this wave I'm riding - and I want to savor it and keep it going. I have so much to be grateful for, and as I count my many blessings I realize that they far outweigh any [perceived] struggles I might have.

I've been thinking about my word for you, 2010 - one little word that describes "where I'm at" and what I want to keep going. After much thought, I keep coming back to: JOY - so there you have it. It will be my reminder to find joy in everything I do - to be joyful in all processes. Enjoy the journey.
Welcome, 2010. We're in for a joyous time!

~ Deb
"Scatter joy."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ruth said...

The idea of 2 letters is great. My word for this year is BETTER. Happy New Year to you and yours.

helena said...

great idea a letter to the year and good to read one from someone who is happy with their year. My word for 2010 is connect

Lizzie said...

That is just so cool - writing a letter to the old year and one to the new. I love your word-choices and the 2010 layout is great - I hope you find it inspiring and that the Joy you feel now stays with you throughout the whole year!
Happy New Year!

cate said...

love your layout! I'm hoping to get to mine sometime this week (can someone please explain the need to scrap to my almost-4mo?!) enJOY!

Robyn said...

This year I keep resisting New Years and resolutions and such. I just don't feel like pushing myself at all right now. I want to be free to wear sweatpants when I want and relax. So, perhaps my word should be "sweatpants". A good one, no?

Mom said...

Very nice! Love the letters--who knew to do that? I'm always seeing things on your blog that I wish I'd thought of first! But then, if I had, I wouldn't have the "JOY" of reading yours! You, my darling daughter, are a joy! xo

Sian said...

I love that layout! All the very best for 2010 and keep on blogging so we can keep on reading! My word is "yes"

traci said...

what a wonderful word for the new year. you have brought me joy!!

Kristi said...

Perfect choice for the upcoming year!!

vee said...

i hope u are right! im hoping for a JOYOUS 2010 as well! SUCH A CUTE PROJECT!!!

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