Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't you just love balloons?

Here's something we don't see everyday...
On Christmas Eve morning around 9:00, Hubby and I were in our kitchen when a large shadow was cast over our house. "What the...?!?!" A trip out to our backyard revealed THIS in the sky -- IN our neighborhood. It was floating quite low and we wondered if it was landing...or...[gasp] crashing?!?! through the house and out the front door, here's the view:
The white and red balloon continued on, but the other one did indeed land in the little park about a block south of our house. Hubby jumped in his truck to go have a look and while he was gone I imagined that this was probably a Christmas gift for someone ~ a ride in a hot air balloon [how cool!]. And oh! Maybe someone proposed marriage! ♥ [how sweet!]

Hubby came back with nothing "romantic" to report [big surprise] but just that the chase vehicle was there and it was in fact a landing that happpened on purpose. The operator of this balloon had pretty good aim to land that thing on that small patch of lawn!

In other balloon news, we finally saw UP last night. It was such a sweet movie!

New goal for 2010: Figure out how to post an actual video in a blog post. Here's a link to the trailer for UP.


Kristi said...

I LOVED the movie UP. It was such a sweet film. And what a wonderful surprise to find in your backyard :D

...The romantic in me hopes that it was a Christmas gift with a proposal as well!

Mom said...

Aunt Betty had a similar incident about 2 months ago--only difference was that balloon actually did an "almost" crash landing in her front yard. Very unintentional but since no one was injured, it was pretty exciting for her and Bob! End result was they couldn't get airborne again so the chase team had to carry them away! Very cool for you guys--that's something you don't see everyday! xo

vee said...

we have them fly over our house from time to time. i always know when they are out there because my CRAZY DOG barks like he's gonna jump up and attack one! i always remember as a kid my mom yelling for us when one was flying over. we've always loved hot air balloons!

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