Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Presley...and a Whiskers update.

~ My niece Presley is 5 years old today ~

(Happy birthday, sweet girl!!!)


Santa brought me a long-reach-heavy-duty stapler last year (love it. love Santa.) and I used it to make this little notebook for Presley's birthday. My sister tells me that Presley calls it her "diary." Cute! I have a feeling I'll be making her many more "diaries" as she gets older.

Edit: I should have mentioned this... I bought the little tube of colored pencils at Michael's and decorated it to match the notebook. The "P" is cut from my Cricut, and the crown is a Martha Stewart punch embellished with Stickles glitter. :o)

And while my hubby and daughter will give me a hard time because I "worry too much, " Hubby tells me I should wait another 24 hours before posting a good news post about Whiskers. So, I'll wait another 24. [fingers crossed]

Don't judge me by my sickly plant. I really can grow things.
This one has been through a lot!


Maria Ontiveros said...

So glad you at least mentioned whiskers. I've actually thought of him a couple of times today. Will continue to keep my fingers crossed.

helena said...

love the diary - what is the P and crown made from?

Lizzie said...

This is a cute little notebook. Is the tube of colouring pencils stuck to the front cover, or just put there for the photo?
I like the way you embellished the pencil-tube to match the notebook. It's a lovely little present!

Deb said...

Lizzie ~ No...the pencil tube isn't attached...just looks like it in the photo. :o) I added a little info to my original post as I should have done to begin with.
~ Deb

humel said...

Happy birthday to the birthday princess :-) Love the gift you made!

Still thinking of the whiskered one xx

traci said...

happy birthday to presley. love the name!!! cute little gift to her.

Carrie Rosalind said...

Happy birthday, Presley! Love the "diary" you made for her. And love that she calls it her diary.

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