Friday, November 20, 2009

Party Prep Continues...Party Prize Bags

"Big Kid" prize bags.

You can't have a great birthday party without some games and prizes, right? Right. Since Hubby's party next weekend is a casino theme, I made these treat bags to use as prizes for game winners. Each one has a deck of cards, mints, a small bottle of schnapps, and a scratch lottery ticket.

What kinds of games, you wonder? Name Tag Poker. See, I came up with this idea and I'm thinking that it can either end up being fun and a good idea, or it could be lame and kind of a disaster. Either way, I'm trying not to be too attached to the outcome (but I do want it to be a fun mixer!).

Here's how it will work (I hope): I printed sheets of stickers to use as name tags - each sticker has a different "card" printed on it (ex. queen of hearts is: Q♥ simple). The name tags will be handed out randomly as guests arrive. After dinner at some point, I will announce that it's time for name tag poker. Guests will have 5 minutes (or 3???...) to get into small groups to create the best poker hand, based on their name tags. (Does this make sense?) The team members with the highest "hand" get prizes - the goody bags shown above.

I also have a few extra prize bags. During the night I'll have my hubby draw a random card from a deck. If your name tag matches the card he draws you win a prize bag!

Those games, plus a blackjack tournament and poker at the end of the night for my hubby and his buddies - and probably daughter (Carrie likes to play poker). It's going to be so much fun!!!

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