Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lesson Learned

This post is for Marti, Liz, and Valerie - my dear family members who think that everything crafty I touch "turns to gold" (Liz). Today I:
- used the bubble pouch pattern I FINALLY ordered from Etsy that I have been wanting for over a month ($6).
- spent $28 on CUTE fabric @ Sally's Fabrics, and $7 on interfacing @ Joann's.
- cut enough fabric to make 6 bubble pouches (because I was SURE I'd be giving these as gifts to every female on my Christmas list this year).
- had to have Carrie help me with the directions because I was confused (I really DO know how to sew and follow a pattern!!!)
- knocked Whiskers (the cat) off my sewing table at least 100 times.
- learned that using heavy interfacing in a small project isn't a good idea.
- listened to the TV blaring the movie "Alien" while I struggled with sewing a smooth curve around a SMALL pouch (Side note: hubby has seen "Alien" oh...TEN times already!?!?!?).
- made the loop for the button way too big and realized it too late.
- realized I'm not good at judging the size of a finished project by looking at the pattern itself because let me tell you, this pouch is LITTLE, hence the name "bubble pouch." (I've BLOWN bubbles larger than this pouch.)
- realized I don't like working with velvet (picture of this one not attached because it's just too embarrassing).
- :o( didn't have fun with my sewing machine.

Sad. Just not a good day for sewing. I think I'll go back to paper for a while...


aninspiredpeace said...

Dude, whatever! They turned out totally cute - you are too hard on yourself. And the velvet one is my favorite! I want you to make more and make them bigger. :)

melissa kaye said...

Deb! You did such a wonderful job on this! I think its funny how your cat was so interested in your work today. What an adorable little pouch. :)

Mom said...

I stand by my belief that everything you make is adorable! Cute as can be! Christmas, huh? Cool! xo

The Norman Clan said...

And through all that, look how TOTALLY CUTE it is!!!

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