Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aprons are "in" again!

I just love pink and orange!And I LOVE felt.

YEARS ago, when I was a teenager and also in my twenties, I was obsessed with felt. I made flowers, hearts, Christmas ornaments, and many mice with felt clothes. I loved the soft texture and the way it was so easy to cut and the edges didn't have to be turned under...
I'm back in love with felt.
Carrie and I have a dear friend, Kristi, who is celebrating a birthday this week (on Monday, August 24). She's a Crafter, Baker, and Smile Maker and I've known for a few months now that I wanted to make her an apron as a birthday gift. Here are some pix of the process:This blue tin belonged to my Grandma Bessie. I remember her pulling embroidery floss out of it when I was a little girl, teaching me how to stitch on random fabric scraps stretched in hoops. When she left the planet, I got this tin. It now has a combination of her floss (some is probably older than me!), mine, and now Carrie's. It was fun pulling it out to stitch around the felt flower I made to attach to Kristi's apron.

And of course, I always get by with a little help from my [furry] friends. Fancy Jane even joined the action this time (Kristi, wash your apron before using!). And every time I get up from my chair Whiskers makes a beeline straight for it, then gets irritated when I kick him off. Carrie and I crafted with Kristi today and we gave her birthday presents. She loved her apron! :o) ♥
Carrie and I met Kristi when we worked at Recollections (a scrapbook store owned by Michael's that was a freaking amazing place to work!!!) about three years ago. She is a doll and we love her to pieces. She and Carrie are out "celebrating" tonight and before they left our house I snapped a few pictures. She was embarrassed, but all the shots of her are ADORABLE.And, yes, Kristi, as a matter of fact, I AM gonna' post you on my blog.

~ ♥ ~
Happy birthday, dear one.


melissa kaye said...

Aw, how sweet! I'm a fan of pink and orange together also. Such a beautiful apron you created. It looks like you had an eventful day! =)

traci said...

cute apron. can you believe i don't have one? you would if you knew how infrequently i bake or cook for that matter.

Kristi said...

Thank you SO much Deb! You are such a wonderful friend. I had a blast all day long. You and Carrie are so fantastic! I cannot wait to crop again soon with you! AND my apron found its home today =)

Mom said...

Normally, that color combination is not my favorite but I gotta say--I may now be a fan! Very pretty! I love your little flower!! And I adore the apron--great job! But then, is anyone surprised by that??? xo

Margaret said...

What a great blog you have here. I am so glad you commented on my blog so that I could discover yours. Best, Margaret

jelly roll said...

You guys did a great job, how fun! And yes, Kristi DOES look adorable!

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