Sunday, July 5, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation...

Sigh. How can one whole week go by SOOOO fast? It was nice being off work, I did a little crafting and did a LOT around the house -- cleaned and took some stuff to Goodwill. I was thinking I didn't have a lot to show for how I spent my time, but not having to work all week did give me time to:
Make muffins for Carrie to take to work on Friday for her work friends that worked on what should have been a holiday:

Take extra time wrapping a present for Savannah's 10th birthday (finally got to use the princess crown rubber stamp I've had for a while!):

Party on the 4th with Doug's family: Doug & me. :o) We spent the day @ Don & Laurie's house (Doug's brother & his wife). Lots of great friends and family, yummy food, fun memories!
Party on the 5th with my family:
My mom with Carrie. :o) ♥ Some of us swam, we all ate, played games, had Doug's yummy homemade ice cream. Fun times!


Kristi said...

Deb - you always AMAZE me! It looks like you got a ton done in your vacation...and kudos on the packaging of both the present and cupcakes. I know Carries co-workers loved them!

Mom said...

It was a great week-end! Glad you had such a creative, productive week off! Sorry it's over for you! Savannah and I had a great day today. We're capturing it all with pictures for a chipboard book on Friday!!! Love you, Sweetie! And thanks for a great day on Sunday --oh, and Friday! xoxo

traci said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend. great times with family and friends. life doesn't get much better. the muffins look very yummy!

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