Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stamp shelf made by my wonderful hubby!!! ♥

I am SOOOOO excited to have this! About a month ago I was blog-surfing and saw something similar on a blog I can't remember (I lose track of where I've been). Anyway! I said, "Honeeeeyyyyy...I want this..." Now, Doug is a painter, not a carpenter, but I'm SO very impressed with his craftsmanship on this. It was fun to see him creating something and enjoying it so much too!
Built to my specifications, the shelf is made of 1 x 2's, 24" high and 12" wide. I was a little surprised at how quickly it filled up...didn't realize how many stamps I had. :o] However, it seems that most of the stamps I'm collecting these days are acrylic, so this size should hold me just fine.
Don't you just love it?!?! Carrie is jealous and wants one for over her work table.


traci said...

Hi Deb -

WOW - that is an awesome stamp shelf. your husband did good. how nice to have them all right there at your fingertips.

Mom said...

Your stamp shelf looks like something you'd see in Michael's! Same amount of stamps as Michael's! You lucky little girl!
Jean was here today making an explosion book and we checked out your blog together. She was very impressed! And her book turned out really cute---great color matches--thanks, Sweetie!

Josh said...

What a lucky girl you are. If I want something like that I have to make it myself! In my spare time (HA HA)! I'm jealous of the stamp collection too!

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