Monday, May 2, 2016

Yoga in Paradise

Hola, mi amigos!
Oh my gosh, I hardly even know where to start! I had the best vacation ever this past week as I traveled to Tulum, Mexico to spend a week making new friends, practicing yoga, learning about the Mayan civilization, having incredible adventures, and seeing some of the most beautiful places on our planet.

That beautiful cabana in the photo above was my home away from home for the week. Cabana C. :o) When we checked in to the resort on Saturday, April 23, I was so overcome with gratitude when I stepped inside the door and saw where I'd be spending the next seven days. It was so beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams and expectations!

The mosquito nets added to the dreaminess of this room. ~swoon~ I noticed a couple of mosquitos at the beginning of the week, but they weren't as bad as I'd anticipated. Nonetheless, it was still really cool to sleep with these draped around my bed at night.

I loved that the entrance to every cabana, both yoga rooms, and the resort's restaurant each had these little foot baths outside their doors to rinse off sandy feet before we entered. Here's the one outside my cabana:

And just look at the view from my window! There was a table and chairs right next to it, and I spent a little time drawing mandalas while enjoying the view. So awesome!!!

The entire week was an amazing experience. Everywhere I looked was stunning beauty. I took almost 700 photos and there are a lot of looking-up-shots in the mix.

The resort where we stayed (Maya Tulum) was fantastic. The grounds were beautifully manicured and maintained, and the staff was so friendly and accommodating. I loved passing staff members on my walks and having them say "hola" in a sing-songy tone. Just so lovely.

I couldn't wait to walk the labyrinth on the resort grounds, and I did so the first morning we were there. I vowed to walk it everyday but that didn't happen - just too many other things grabbing my time and attention. I did walk this again on our final morning at sunrise. Here's a photo from my first time around the labyrinth:

Walking back to my room from the labyrinth...

And another shot of the view outside the window of my room...

The path alongside my cabana, leading to the beach... See those hammocks?

Absolute pure bliss...

I'm working on a plan for sharing more of last week's adventures, so watch this space for more photos of my trip to yoga paradise. I landed back in Arizona on Saturday night, completely spent and bursting with joy and gratitude. Then yesterday I celebrated my 55th birthday with friends and family. I honestly feel like the most fortunate girl in the world right now.

One of the smartest things I've ever done was taking an extra day off work! :o) I'm spending my Monday unpacking, doing laundry, need to make a trip to the grocery store, and I have a lot of catching up to do on Facebook.

What an amazing way to spend the last week of being 54, and to welcome the beginning of my 55th year. I'm so excited to see what's next for me.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, and also for those
of you who followed along on Instagram last week.
Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.
PS: You can read my birthday post from yesterday by clicking here. :o)


helena said...

I so enjoyed following along on Instragram and loving all these images too - it looks so relaxing and emvigorating at the same time

Ruth said...

Mexico has never appealed to me before now, but I think you've just changed my mind!

debs14 said...

When I saw your photos on Instagram I had two thoughts, 1 - Deb must be thinking that her plane has landed in paradise, this is everything she loves and 2 - how are they going to get her back on that plane for the return journey home?! It looks like you found the ideal destination to spend a week of pure relaxation - have you booked for next year yet? ;-)

Patio Postcards said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes. WOW that looks like it was a wonderful holiday. I really like walking a labyrinth. My gratitude journal would have been filled by the end of a week at this resort - gorgeous views & visa.

Karen said...

I have a friend who teaches yoga and regularly goes to retreats and trainings, but I'm quite sure she's never been anywhere like this! Fabulous!

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