Monday, May 16, 2016

Around here this weekend

Greetings, blog friends!
I'm so grateful for fun and busy weekends, and I'm digging deep this morning to feel gratitude for Monday mornings...

My current sunflower crop is approaching its grand finale. There are a few more buds left to bloom and then it will be time to clear out the stalks and make room for an attempt at a summer crop. There's a little learning curve with the new backyard - figuring out where the light will fall. Plus, I haven't been entirely satisfied with the photograph-ability of the sunflowers in that location.

Look closely, and you can see my sunflowers in that far back corner in the photo above, way over yonder beyond Doug's pretty green lawn.

And our baby lemons are growing like weeds...

Both turtles seem healthy and happy. I can't even tell you how much Doug and I fuss and worry over them. Then we'll see them out and about and wonder why we fretted! We still have some work to do in their habitat, but for right now Casper is perfectly happy soaking in a pie dish.

Super happy news is that Doug painted the outside of our house! Yay! It had been an ugly shade of brown - a real eyesore for the neighborhood. We think it went from being the worse looking house on the block to - dare we say? - the prettiest.

Ok, so that's news from around the house. Here's what we did away from home this weekend.

I had my monthly yoga teacher training workshop on Saturday, then came home for a quick change of clothes before heading downtown for a baseball game. Carrie had won four tickets and a parking pass, plus the opportunity to participate in a contest at the top of the second inning. She played a match game and her sweet face was up on the big screen. The distance made it almost impossible for me to get a good photo, but it was fun and she matched all the pieces and won an autographed baseball signed by... um... some baseball guy.

After the game selfie...grainy but super happy...

Yesterday found me back on my yoga mat, learning more about how to teach yoga to others. ♥ This month's studies were on yoga nidra - a method for helping students completely relax and heal. I'm so excited to incorporate nidra into my teaching practice.

And you know what's really cool? I am nearing the end of this two-year, 300-hour yoga teacher program! :o)!!! I only have four weekends of training left, and then I'll have all the paperwork and projects to do in order to complete the program. I have loved it, and I'm ready to be done so I can move on to the next thing - whatever that might be!

Time to switch gears and put on my corporate employee hat. I love that all of this is temporary and that my sights are set on a more fulfilling career. In the meantime, I'll just keep on keeping on.

I have a few more posts on my yoga retreat to Mexico that I'll share later this week. I have loved reliving that adventure by sharing it here on my blog.

Have a great week, everyone!


Patio Postcards said...

OH I do like your outside colour choice. Perfect for the hot sunny days you get. I am a little green with envy that you are starting a second crop of sunflowers & yes I could see them in the back corner :)

That is a lot of hours towards your goal - well done you. In our little village there suddenly seems to have been a Universe call, but we now have 5 locations conducting yoga classes. We are going to be known as the most calm at peace village in all of Ontario!

Happy week ahead.

Ruth said...

That was a full-on weekend! Can you come and teach in my bit of West London, please?
Sunflowers and lemons? Sigh ...

debs14 said...

Oh how I love seeing that Arizona sunshine! Your garden is really coming together, you've both worked so hard.
You're on the home straight now with your yoga, and you're going to love that day when your work day is spent in a yoga studio and not an office!

Barbara Eads said...

Your sunflowers are magnificent! Do you harvest the seeds? Love the paint color too. Overall it sounds like the perfect weekend---a little work, a little fun!

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