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Guest Feature: Inspired by Sisters

Good day, blog friends. I have a special treat for you today! I'm sharing an interview with my good friend, Taryn about the growing business she owns with her sister, Sierra ~ Inspired by Sisters. Read on to learn about their inspiring creativity, and a special promotion at the end of this post.

Sierra and Taryn ~ Inspired by Sisters

Taryn, tell us about Inspired by Sisters and how the company got started.
My sister, Sierra, and I were really craving a way to build more time for creativity in our lives and use it to generate something positive. Our mother had us addicted to arts and crafts at a young age, but we felt disconnected with that part of ourselves through the stress of college and post-college life. We knew that if we could develop a business out of our passions, we would make more time for it and make more time for each other. We chose to paint inspirational quotes because we really wanted a way to spread smiles, inspirations, and our favorite affirmations. We wanted our work to be beautiful reminders of a happier way to live.

Between you and your sister, what are your individual roles?
Sierra, my younger sister, is in school for graphic design and she is truly the brains behind all our marketing campaigns, our branding, and the detailed artistic work. We both share in the painting process, but I have no problem admitting that the more intricate art work (such as the painting below) is done by my very talented sister. I am in charge of all of our social media, customer service, and the Indulge product line. However, we believe in a sense of fluidity within the company, so we are both more than capable of assisting the other with her role and filling in as needed.

What was the inspiration behind your Indulge product line?
Indulge is a line of all-natural body products that I have been perfecting for years. I have always been interested in natural living and had spent large amounts of money on “organic” products and then after doing research, I was discovering that a lot of what I used wasn’t so natural. I wanted to simplify my products, especially their list of ingredients. All of our Indulge items have easy to read, minimal ingredients. In addition, we really wanted to design products that encourage us to spend time taking care of ourselves. We created a line that reminds us to slow it down, soak our feet, lay back in the tub with a glass of wine, enjoy luxurious creams, etc. Indulge really embodies that message and became another way for us to spread the love.

I know you offer a wide variety of custom orders. How do people order something customizable?
Custom orders are our favorite! For painting, customers will often select a painting they already love, but ask to change colors, font style, or quote. Other times, they will send us some pictures of what they are looking for and we can help them to come up with a design. We are able to design a digital version of what we hope to painting will look like and will not start painting on an actual canvas until the buyer is in love with the design. My favorite custom orders, however, are the Indulge products. We have a large list of essential oils that our customers are able to pick and choose to blend into a truly unique scent or they can choose from one of my favorites. I am always inspired by the fragrances our buyers put together that I never would have considered.

Where do you sell your wares and where can new customers find you?
We have been selling nationally on Etsy for just over a year and have very recently expanded our availability internationally. We do a number of local vendor events in Arizona, including farmer’s markets, holiday events, and house parties. We always encourage our local shoppers to contact us  through Facebook or email to avoid the shipping fees on Etsy, as we do free delivery throughout most of the East Valley and Maricopa, Arizona. We are currently working on a website that we hope to have up by the summer time.

Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about your business?
We are all about spreading inspiration and making new connections. Facebook is one of the best ways we get to interact with our customers, share quotes and smiles. More importantly, social media is the best way to stay up-to-date with our current promotions, take advantage of coupons, and chat with us. We are currently doing an Etsy discount code for Paper Turtle readers! Use the promo code “PAPERTURTLE” for a very exclusive 25% off all orders until March 15, 2016! 
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Visit Inspired by Sisters on Etsy (remember to use your exclusive promo code PAPERTURTLE)
You can email Taryn at:
And check out Taryn's blog here.
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Wishing Inspired by Sisters enormous success!
Big thanks to Taryn for being my guest today.

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