Monday, August 31, 2015

This weekend on our piece of the planet

Hi everyone!
I hope this weekend recap finds you well and happy. It was a deliciously busy weekend on our piece of the planet. Doug took a much needed break from the new house remodeling and headed north to camp with his brother, and I had my monthly yoga teacher training weekend - a total of 13 hours of anatomy lecture, yoga poses and yoga friends. I loved every minute!

Saturday morning I hit the ground running. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the beautiful morning light streaming through our kitchen window - though the photo doesn't do that moment in time justice. I've packed most of our personal treasures in preparation for our upcoming house move, and it's actually been nice to not have so much clutter around. I'm thinking I may keep things to a minimum in the new house. Maybe.

A turtle story: Saturday morning I was rushing around here, admittedly with too many irons in the fire. I fed the turtles, started water for tea, put some eggs on to boil, got in the shower... About an hour later I came out to the kitchen to find our dog, Lucky, pacing around the kitchen table. Underneath the table was a big blob of something...was it a rock? What in the world... OMG - it was REXY! In my scurrying I had accidentally left the atrium door open, and our male box turtle wandered on inside and made his way to the kitchen table.

I picked him up and examined him for dog tooth marks but he was perfectly fine. So I held him down close to Lucky for a final dog sniffing and praising. What a good doggy!!! With our upcoming move we've been concerned about creating a new turtle habitat that was dog proof - just not knowing how Lucky would be with our shelled pets. We still wouldn't give Lucky free access to the turtles, but it's good to know his instinct for them is on the gentler side. Phew!

Saturday: Hurried housework in the morning, corralling a turtle, teaching yoga, learning yoga, practicing yoga, dinner with Carrie, and a visit to see her beau at his place of employment.

Sunday: Hurried housework in the morning, a 30-minute astrological phone reading from Debra Silverman (so cool!), lasagna soup made in the crockpot for dinner, more learning/practicing yoga, coming home to find Doug safely returned and Carrie here for lasagna soup, finished up laundry, enjoyed this sunset, fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Now comes Monday, in her typical here-too-soon fashion, ushering out the final day of August. I have lots of cool things on my calendar this week with a three-day weekend on the horizon (yay!).

Here's wishing you the best possible outcomes for every little challenge you may face this week.
Remember, it's all about perspective...


Stephanie@LaDolceVita said...

Sounds like a good (but full!) weekend! and good luck in the new house!!!

Audrey said...

Rexy....the crazy explorer!!! I think I stopped breathing as I was reading about Rexy's relieved and happy he's okay!! Can't wait to hear about the new turtle digs at the new house! I've been countertop shopping as of late and I'm having a hard time deciding. I really like your kitchen counters!

Karen said...

No surprise that you fell asleep quickly---what a weekend! That's a stunning sunset!

Sian said...

Wow, what a sky..

I've been saying for ages round here that we need to pretend to be moving house to help us really de clutter

Have a great week Deb

Abi said...

That light is gorgeous. My family are really good at decluttering having moved every two years. Now we are settled we seem to be acquiring stuff all the time!

alexa said...

Such a lovely photo of that sunset ... and no wonder you've been sleeping well. There's nothing like de-cluttering to lift the spirits, and let us see things in a different light!

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